domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Mushy - My Life So Far (Official Video)

Since so many of you seem to be enjoying the new Mushy album "Breathless", we thought we’d share the first video from it, a moody meditation on “My Life So Far.” Or as the singer/producer puts it in our exclusive track-by-track commentary, it’s about “the people I met, about what I’ve found and I’ve lost. Life is a continuous cycle and the most important thing is consciously taking part in it if we want to live”… 

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lunedì 1 ottobre 2012


Fresh off the news that the new Mushy album (Breathless) is set to drop on November 19th through Mannequin Records, we’re psyched to share the title track of the Italian singer/producer’s new 12”, My Life So Far. Follow its dub-y downward spiral—featuring 4AD alums A.R. Kane—below, and grab the limited single on October 15th…

domenica 13 maggio 2012

Newclear Waves - The Black Hand

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Hailing from Rome – Italy, Newclear Waves is essentially the  solo  project  of  Alessandro  Adriani,  mind  and  boss  of  Mannequin  Records,  one  of    the  most  important  synth  wave  /  cold  wave  labels  around,  with  contributions  from  Oksana  Xiu, an academic russian musician devoted to analog synths.  Deeply  influenced  by  the  works  of  the  early  minimal  electronics  sounds  on  Mute  Records  and  4AD,  Newclear  Waves  is  exploring  droned  out  electro  pop  territories  with  
an  interest  for  a  refreshing  hyperactive  80s  New  Wave.  finding  his  own  identity  somewhere  between  Snowy  Red,  The Normal and the first Human League.  

Having turned out releases on Mannequin Records, the duo is now presenting a full‐lenght ten  tracks  collection  of  caliginous  pure  analog  minimal  synth  on  the  way  on  Desire  Records,  french  Cold  Wave  and  Electro  Wave  label,  focused  both  in  new  artists  and  stunning  reissues  from 4AD like Mass, In Camera and Dance Chapter. 

NW  releases  received  many  features  in  important  magazines,  such  as  The  Wire,  Still  Single  
and  20  Jazz  Funk  Greats,  an  was  playing  besides  artists  such  as  Xeno  &  Oaklander,  The  
Hacker,  Gesaffelstein,  Fred  Ventura,  Veronica  Vasicka  (Minimal  Wave)  and  many  others,  
across Europe and United States.  

Newclear  Waves  was  also  producing  remixes  for  bands  like  Soft  Metals,  Joie  Noire,  Der  Noir  
and Mushy.  

Alessandro  Adriani  was  born  and  raised  in  Rome,  Italy  and  in  2008  he  launched  Mannequin  
Records  label  and  mailorder  and  has  been  focused  on  that  ever  since.  Aside  from  the  label,  he  
was producing tracks in his own Mannequin studio for some of the best new bands from Italy,  like  Mushy,  Der  Noir  and  Ancien  Régime.  He  also  DJs  in  many  clubs  around  the  world,  mixing  in vinyl only some of the best italo‐cosmic‐minimalsynth‐electrowave tunes.  

Oksana Xiu was born in Estonia, studied academic music in Russia. Academic knowledges had  a deep impact in the creative process of her musical entity. During several years she also sang  in the church's choir which is undoubtedly had influenced her work.  

 “'Cold Wave battle uptown. Now'”  
‐ The Wire 
“You want names? You don’t get them as since yesterday I will compare Newclear Waves only  
with Newclear Waves, simply as they’re brilliant.”  ­ 
- Peek‐A‐Boo Magazine   

“If I had a goth/minimal wave dance night I would play Newclear Waves’ side. The only thing  
better than being alone is being alone in a crowd. ” ­  
- Still Single   


venerdì 11 maggio 2012

Stream Tropic Of Cancer’s Permissions Of Love EP in full

Like the Henry Miller novel of the same name, Tropic Of Cancer deal in the dark, the obsessive and the sexually charged.

Camella Lobo’s dark-eyed solo project finds a creepy middle ground between early Eighties coldwave and bruised indie rock. Having turned out releases on the likes of Downwards and Blackest Ever Black, the ensemble now have a new three-track collection of caliginous electro-pop on the way on Mannequin. Permissions Of Love sees the band elaborating their trademark sound. Lobo and co are clearly not averse to tampering with a winning formula; the graceful ‘Beneath The Light’ in particular shows them assimilating previously unheard influences into their shadowy soundworld. ‘The One Left’ is tougher fare than usual, and the dreamy ‘It’s All Come Undone’ highlights the softer elements of their sound.

FACT have an exclusive stream of the record here.

Permissions Of Love is available on 12″ on May 28 on Mannequin and available on pre order here.

mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Newclear Waves S/T LP 2012 Desire Records

Desire Records is proud to announce the release of subtitled debut album by Italian synth-wave masters Newclear Waves.

Hailing from Rome, exploring droned out electro pop territories with an interest for a refreshing hyperactive 80s New Wave, Newclear Waves’ soundscapes seem to surround a fruitful visual-graphical imaginary which deals with mass consumption, apocalyptic visions, weird machineries, post-modernism and the order of chaos. A promising new coming in the universe of home made electronic avant-gardism.

martedì 1 maggio 2012

MNQ 023 Tropic Of Cancer - Permissions Of Love 12'' EP

Mannequin is really proud to  announce the forthcoming brand new 12'' from Tropic of Cancer, one the most important realities in the modern post-punk and darkwave scene.

Essentially the solo project of LA-based Camella Lobo, with contributions from John Mendez (aka Sandwell District’s Silent Servant) and Taylor Burch (DVA Damas) and after two sold-out releases on labels Blackest Ever Black and Downwards, Tropic Of Cancer have stoked their slow burning reputation into the makings of what isbeing referred to as a 'modern classic.'

Though Tropic Of Cancer's sound has been called gothic, cold wave and drone pop, the band's take on their influences isanything but nostalgic. Lobo and Mendez have managed to imbue their own elusive gaze and craft a strangely beautiful and intoxicating sound in the wake of theirpredecessors.

The three tracks on this new 12'' take us gently by the hand into a slowed-down opium dream - it's like watching the desert from the same stark corners where Lyciastood many years ago.

This EP gathers the primal thrust of their bleak Post-Punk (think about Cultural Decay shaking hands with Section 25 in their psychedelic/buddhist years) and Minimal Wave aesthetics with this entirely new dimension in the music of TOC – heartfelt and deep.

Cold waves have never been so warm.


A - The One Left
B1 - Beneath The Light
B2 - It's All Come Undone

12'' EP Version: Limited edition of 500 copies


DIGITAL Version: Distribution through The Orchard in the most important digital stores (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Nokia, Spotify and many others).