martedì 14 luglio 2009

Marbre Noir - Salvation Rites 12'' 1986

Marbre Noir is the name of an Italian Gothic rock band who came out with a 4- track album in 1986 titled “Salvation Rites", its a classic of the italian dark wave / gothic scene, embellished by the ethereal voice of Francesca Luce.

Recorded at Gulliver Master Studios, Rome, September 1986. It includes a insert.

A1 Earth Under Feet (4:13)
A2 Love Broke Through (3:47)
B1 Salvation Rites (6:25)
B2 Mirrors (3:53)

Mantra Records DM 86001


3 commenti:

ido ha detto...

Know very little about Italian gothic bands. Looking forward to checking this out.

Rommel ha detto...

Excellent band.
Thank you!

Rommel ha detto...

Excellent band!
Thank you.