sabato 22 marzo 2008

Brouillard Definitif special radio show on Radio Stranger

On the Radio Stranger website is available for free a special, compiled by Echo Frau,on Brouillard Definitif, with nextcoming records that will be released on this great label.

You just need to click on Podcast and select 19 March 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (19.03.08)

here's the playlist:

Les Provisoires Loin de la plage « Les Provisoires CD » Brouillard Définitif BD CD 004 2008
Band of Bioskop Everybody needs love Leitmotiv – Ultime 12'' Brouillard Définitif BD LP 002 2008
Odessa In a somnolance « Odessa CD » Brouillard Définitif BD CD 003 2008
Excès Nocturne Mémoire L'écho du silence 12'' Brouillard Définitif BD LP 005 2008
Ligne d'Hiver Crime Passionel Ligne Froide split 7'' Brouillard Définitif BD SP 001 2008
Seconde Chambre Victoires Prochaines « Seconde Chambre CD » Brouillard Définitif BD CD 005 2008
Krystal démo s/t V.A. Vague à l'Ame Brouillard Définitif BD VA 001 2009
Saison Froide Les appartements tristes Ligne Froide split 7'' Brouillard Définitif BD SP 001 2008
Ligne d'Hiver Black Monday Fur Immer mLP Brouillard Définitif BD LP 004 2008
No Tears Retour au Dancing « Tribute to Charles de Goal » Brouillard Définitif/Str8line 2008
Congrès de Vienne La rumeur V.A. Vague à l'Ame Brouillard Définitif BD VA 001 2009
Bunker Strasse Folie Demence « Bunker Strasse LP » Brouillard Définitif BD LP 00? 2008

martedì 18 marzo 2008

Peppermint Lounge - All Dead (12'' 1984)

We all know 'Perfect High', recorded in 1983 and reprinted as a split with Twilight Ritual just 2 years ago by Flexx label. This is the other 12'' from Peppermint Lounge, a rare German electro-wave act. The band was composed by Matthias Elvers (Vocals on 'All Dead', Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboard and Bass), Regina Petersen (Vocals on 'Never Ever') and Jorg Burckhardt (Drums, Claps, Strings, Backing Vocals).

Recorded at Hookline Studios by Bernd Jost.

A little note: i found it walking in Kreuzberg in Berlin for 0,50 cents some years ago. Lucky? No, i simply choosed to dont trash my money from the window (read: Ebay crazy auctions).


A1 All Dead
B1 Never Ever

World Of Music WOM 50 116

Download from ZShare

Stunt Kites - Lebensraum (12'', 1981)

Stunt Kites were from Sheffield and they played a tipical post punk, a true son of the lesson of PIL. After a track on the great compilation '1980: The First Fifteen Minutes' togheter with Clock Dva (at their first appearence), I'm So Hollow and Vice Versa (in fact the compilation was on their label Neutron Records), they recorded this 12'' on Pax Records (home of Uv Pop, Leitmotiv and others) and in 1983 a 7'', 'Leanora'.


A1 Lebensraum
A2 One For The Family
B1 Deity's Lament
B2 Ex-Triple One

Pax Records PAX 3

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Wasted Youth - Rebecca's Room (7'', 1981)

This is Wasted Youth (the UK goth band) third single, "Rebecca's Room", produced by Martin Hannet. Both songs were included in the compilation 'Memorialize'. The single reached the #15 spot on the U.K. indie chart.

A1 Rebecca's Room
B1 Things Never Seem The Same As They Did Even Before They've Happened' She Added As An Afterthought...

FRESH 30, BHS 12

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