domenica 11 settembre 2011

The Present Moment - Rejection (Mannequin MNQ 018)

The Present Moment - Loyal To A Fault LP/CD

Out Sept 2011 on Mannequin & Desire Records

Music by Phillip Muench Vox and lyrics by Scott Milton

Video shots from G.Dulac - L'invitation au Voyage, 1927.

Video editing by AA

giovedì 8 settembre 2011

The Soft Moon - Total Decay EP out soon

At the tail end of 2010, San Franciscan Luis Vasquez put out his dark, fever-soaked self-titled debut LP as the Soft Moon. The follow-up to that release, the Total Decay EP, is out on October 31 (yes, Halloween, fittingly) on Captured Tracks. Check out the title track below.

The Soft Moon - Total Decay by Sound Injections

MNQ 018 The Present Moment - Loyal To A Fault LP/CD out Sept 2011

MNQ 018 The Present Moment - Loyal To A Fault LP/CD

A new effort entitled Loyal to A Fault will soon see the light on Mannequin. This new record is a collaborative effort between Scott Milton and Philipp Munch of The Rorschach Garden.

It explores a relatively similar dynamic pop territory, still opened to new musical tendencies and new sonorities without loosing cohesion. Consequently this last effort promises a completely mesmeric musical odyssey made of eerie drones, addictive electro moves, propulsive batcave bass lines and captivating plaintive-melodic sections which culminate into a sort of ecstatic consuming reverie. Scott Milton’s rich sense of composition gives to the arrangements a radical and unique feel, somewhere between the narcoleptic twist of The Sisters of Mercy, the regular addictive density of Front 242 and the touching goth- dramatic sense of Colin Newman or Asylum Party. The Present Moment means a real sense of adventure towards music and a fair degree of passion for singular, creative and fugitive shared moments, against any procrastination. Prepare yourself for this transgressive, post-romantic electro adventure.

This year, Scott Milton’s live band played with a handful of notorious figures of the synth-minimal cold wave circle such as Light Asylum, Salem, Gatekeeper, Iron Curtain, Legendary Pink Dots, Soft Metals just to name a few…

“There’s rarely any way to sing about love here without it feeling like the end of world.” (Altered Zones)

“Synthpop is pop made with synths, simple as that and The Present Moment are a more than an excellent example, showing that today there is talent in this genre.” (Peek A Boo Magazine)

“The Present Moment’s new album is a real outlier in the surge of new dark music coming out of North America” (I Die You Die)

In collaboration with Desire Records (France)

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