mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

Dead Links

In the next days i will try to re-up the dead links - as more as possible. im a bit busy with the mailorder so ill try to do all i can :-)

here's the Karnak - When the doors are closed (7'', 1984) , just to start

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sabato 13 settembre 2008

Mannequin Mailorder

Mannequin Mailorder is an indipendent mailorder, based in Rome - Italy. It was founded by Alessandro Adriani and Carlo Cassaro in July 2008 in order to distribute and spread material mostly from the Cold Wave, Dark Wave,Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Industrial, No Wave and Experimental area.
MM is the first and official italian distributor for the Italian Dark Wave label In the Night Time, the French Cold Wave label Brouillard Definitif, the German Minimal Wave label Annalogue Records and the American Indie/Wave label Words On Music.



martedì 9 settembre 2008

Various - A White Chance (LP 1984)

Here's a great italian dark-wave sampler composed by 3 bands, Go Flamingo!, Intelligence Dept. and Plastic Trash, all from the city of Ferrara. Some of these songs were also used for the soundtrack of an italian underground wave cult-movie, called 'I Ragazzi Di Torino Sognano Tokyo e Vanno a Berlino', togheter with Monuments, Kirlian Camera, NOIA and many others.

Intelligence Dept. will be soon released by Annalogue Records, so we will listen soon also their demos, can't wait simply.....


A1 Go Flamingo! - Sonic Beat
A2 Go Flamingo! - Time Out Of Joint
A3 Go Flamingo! - Come Closer
A4 Intelligence Dept. - Anger
A5 Intelligence Dept. - Too Late To Love
B1 Intelligence Dept. - Sleeping City
B2 Plastic Trash - All Before You
B3 Plastic Trash - Princess Of Misery
B4 Plastic Trash - If You Turn Off The Light

White Studio Recording WS001

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giovedì 4 settembre 2008

Minimal Wave In Italy (MP3 2008) - Peter M. Mix

Here's a Minimal / Dark Wave compilation that i mixed and compiled for a radio show that was planned to be on a italian fm radio, Radio Onda Rossa. Hope it will be online soon also on East Village Radio, obviously thanks to Veronica (Minimal Wave label).

If you are gonna link the compi, please always refer to the original link.


Note that ALL the bands/projects included in the mix are from Italy :-)


doris norton - caution radiation norton
aus decline - she gave me algedy
lass crime - land of nothing
xno - the story of the death boy
chromagain - after the clouds
monuments - monuments from the future
mr. andrew - the bats
lisfrank - i still believe in love
cold phoenix - la fleur du destin
militia - limbo
baciamibartali-winterlight - isao
vena - insane
metal vox - future world
suicide dada - acque
san vito dance - boring sunday
atelier du mal - untitled

Let me know what do you think about.

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

Ten Mad Mongers - Deathbeat (LP 1986)

Ten Mad Mongers where initially a one-man project but became a real band after Lorenz Ritter recorded a 9-Track LP, "Deathbeat", at White Noise Studio, Hamburg. Having no label and the attic full of freshly pressed records, it quickly became clear that forming a band and playing gigs might help selling the record. Consisting by three quarters of the former punk-outfit Blanker Hohn, the band began rehearsing and played several gigs. Highlight was an opening show for the legendary Sort Sol at Lund University, Sweden.


A1 Promise 1
A2 Promise 2
A3 Pills
A4 The Man In Black
A5 Different
B1 Crowd
B2 Headlines
B3 To My Heart
B4 Dedication

TMM 001

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Victrola - Maritime Tatami (12'' 1983)

Victrola was a minimal wave duo (Eze and Carlo) from Messina but based in Florence, breathing so the same air as Neon, Pankow but also Alexander Robotnick and Diaframma.

Guess there's nothing else to say on this GREAT record, the only one that the band released (not considering 'Into The Gloves' track, included in the famous 'Gathered' compilation'), i put it simply in the top 5 of the Italian New Wave period.

As i know from personal informations, for this 12'' the duo used: Roland Tr 606 (with separate outputs) and Roland Tr 303 Bassline, Roland Juno 6, Korg Polysix, Fender Stratocaster amplified with Lab Series Lp5 filtred with a MXR flanger

Here you can find an interview to Victrola, but in Italian language only.


A1 Maritime Tatami
B1 A Game Of Despair

Electric Eye Records EES004

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Violette Nozière - La Dame En Noir (12" 1984)

The history of Violette Nozière began in December 1981, in Mont-Saint-Aignan, on the campus of the University of Rouen (France), founded by Pascal Grimbert (keyboards), Christophe Magniez (bass), Bruno Simoni (guitars) and Herve Tirilly (voice). The four teachers find themselves in the evening to make music in a room of the University City. The first concerts at the Ecole Normale will signal the start of a short-lived career which ended with the exit of the maxi 12'' vinyl, 'La Dame En Noir', in 1984. The group was also part of the 'Première transmusicale rouennaise', that was pressed as a lp compilation.

The 12'' was self-produced and recorded/mixed at Rocking System studio during the 16-19 Feb. 1984. It contains also a B/W inlay sheet (LP size) with greetings and lyrics.


A1 Incendie
A2 La Chambre Jaune
B1 Inutile
B2 Suicide Hongrois

VN Records VN001

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Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh - Die Kriegserklarung LP 1982

For info on them please check here, i already ripped their 12'' Berlin.

Really thanks to Erik Van Velzen for his rip!!!


A1 Banane, Zitrone
A2 Rhythmus Der Musik
A3 Rohe Gewalt
A4 Das MÖrderlied
A5 Die Superbraut
A6 Kreuzberg
B1 Kleine MÄdchen
B2 Das Friedenslied
B3 Babies Vonheute
B4 Falshe Freunde
B5 Liebelslied
B6 Propaganda Durch Die Tat
B7 Spab Mub Sein

Zick Zack ZZ70

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