venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

Chromagain - Wake Up /// Free Download ///

Please enjoy the premiere free download track on Altered Zones!

Chromagain - Any Colour We Liked is the brand new release from Mannequin and Anna Logue Records, available in both the LP and CD formats.

to order your copy:

venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

Mixtape I-D Magazine by Mannequin Label

Mannequin exclusive mixtape for I-D Magazine (UK)


01 Mushy - She Was Elsewhere (Faded Heart LP MNQ004)
02 Led Er Est - A Darkness in my Soul (Split 12'' EP MNQ012)
03 Frank (Just Frank) - Valerie (Split 12'' EP MNQ013)
04 Janitor of Lunacy - The Red Moon (Crimes On The Dancefloor CD MNQ008)
05 Intelligence Dept. - Intelligence Dept. (Sleeping City LP/CD MNQ011)
06 Chromagain - Ethnic Box (Any Colour We Liked LP/CD MNQ010)
07 The Metronomes - Sex II (The Ballad Of The Metronomes 2LP+7 MNQ015)
08 Violet Tremors - Time Dissolver (tba LP 2011)
09 Sons Of Science - Way of Life (Danza Meccanica Vol 2 2011)
10 Victrola - Beyond The Door (Danza Meccanica CD MNQ005)

You can read a full interview here