martedì 21 giugno 2011

Analysis – Surface Tension 7'' 1981

Survival Records was the home of such great acts like Drinking Electricity, Richard Bone, Tik & Tok, just to name a few. Back in 1981, the third release was a 7'' from Analysis, in other words half of cult minimal wave duo Oppenheimer Analysis. Martin Lloyd is producing here 2 instrumental electronic dance tracks co-written by David Rome, the boss of the label.

Engineer – M.Kemp
Written-By – David Rome and Martin Lloyd
Recorded at Spaceward


A Surface Tension
B Connections

Survival Records SUR 003


Vitor Hublot – La P'tite Gayole 7'' 1985

Here ripped the other 7'' single from 1985 from Vitor Hublot, one of the best minimal synth band from Belgium.

Composed By – Talbot Samba Sisters
Mixed By – Renaud Janson
Producer, Mixed By – Guy Clerbois
Recorded By – Gilbert Lederman


A - La P'tite Gayole
B - J'Ai Perdu Mon Oiseau

Psoria Discs PSO 003


Vitor Hublot – Piron N'Veut Nin Dinser 7'' 1985

Vitor Hublot were a minimal synth band from Belgium, i recently found their first 3 releases (PSO 001, 002, 003) during a travel in Antwerp, so im really happy to share with you all.
'Aller Simple' (from the 12'') was included in BIPPP : French Synth-Wave 1979/85 compilation and recently in Belgian Wave & Pop Songs From The 1980's compilation.

Here ripped the 7'' single from 1985, both the songs are an adaptation of traditional French and Walloon songs.


A Piron N'Veut Nin Dinser
B Vive L'Amour

Psoria Discs PSO 002


Apologies For Innocence - Across The Wire 7'' 1982

I found this 7'' in a recent travel in Antwerp, i really liked the front cover so i decided to buy. As i found through their Myspace page, Apologies For Innocence were an early 80's indie / new wave band coming out from the Liverpool scene (Formby). I found a lot of analogies with the Gang of Four sound since the first guitar riffs....i was more than surprised to hear a 'Goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye' on the B Side 'Days Alone' my suspects were more than confirmed.

Produced by A.F.I. and Mike - All songs by Lodge / Jackson
Artwork Lynne - Layout Mike


A Across The Wire
B Days Alone

distributed by Illusion Records


lunedì 20 giugno 2011

Martial Canterel + Tobias Bernstrup - Strange Land 7'' 2011 MNQ 017

Mannequin is seriously proud to release on 45 rotations-per- minute seven inch single a nearly forgotten collaboration dredged and now seeing the light of day.

Played entirely live in one ago and using only vintage analogue synthesizers and sequencers, Martial Canterel and Tobias Bernstrup four-hands / two voices put our minds in another dimension, in an hypotetical night-time “outside”, where shadows and confusion are leading the way, creating simply a milestone for all the minimal electronics music lovers.

Martial Canterel is definitely one of the most talented artist in electronic underground music of our time, beeing the pioneer and instigator of what has now become a new movement of minimal electronic bands in the United States. With several albums on his back and deeply related to Wierd Records, Sean McBride is also the vintage controlled mind of Xeno & Oaklander.

Tobias Bernstrup is a swedish contemporary artist working with videos, interactive works, live performances and electronic music, mixing electro pop, italo disco and some darker synth moments. Several of his songs from videos and performances have been released by museums, galleries art institutions on CD or vinyl.

- Limited edition of 300 copies, 1 insert

- Original art-cover from Tobias Bernstrup.