sabato 30 agosto 2008

Religious Overdose - I Said Go / Alien To You (7'' 1981)

Religious Overdose were the first band of Alex Novak, later with The Tempest and above all with Venus Fly Trap. They did just few tracks on singles (one is ripped here, then we have another 7'', "25 Minutes" and a 12'' "The Girl With The Disappearing Head", probably their best release) and compilations, we can describe them as a experimental wave or a kind of alternative post punk.


A1 I Said Go
B1 Alien To You

Glass Records GLASS009

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sabato 23 agosto 2008

Various - SF Underground (7'' 1979)

This is the first release on Subterranean Records, home of Flipper, Minimal Man, Nervous Gender and Inflatable Boy Clams (ripped here). It was pressed in 6000 copies and released with sleeve and lyrics insert.

Recorded in September, 1979. Track A2 recorded live at PoLite Productions.


A1 No Alternative - Johnny Got His Gun
A2 Flipper - Earthworm
B1 The Tools - Asexuality In The 80's
B2 VKTMS - Ballad Of Pincushion Smith

Subterranean Records SUB01

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venerdì 22 agosto 2008

Nausea - Vocal Expression (7'', 1981)

I would like to have myself more info about Nausea, from the few things that i have here it seems they are a half-italian half-belgian based in Brussels band on Sandwich Records, home of Pseudo Code, Polyphonic Size and Kaa Antilope (already ripped).

For this release Nausea were Giorgio S., Paolo S., Jean-Francois P.; the 7'' was produced by Nausea and Phil Wauquaire.


A Vocal Expression
B Killing Time

Sandwich Records SR08

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Pas De Deux - Des Tailles (MLP 1983)

Pas De Deux represented Belgium for the 1983 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The mainstream audience did not understand this unconventional song (a simple tune and just one line of text: 'Rendez-vous. Maar de maat is vol, en mijn kop is toe'). The band ended third from last. Nonetheless 'Rendez-Vous' became a big summer hit in Belgium that year. Pas De Deux released one mini-album, Des Tailles (where Instant Karma and Cold Turkey are written by John Lennon) and a couple of singles.


A1 Mani Meme
A2 Lits Jumeaux
A3 Take A Cigarette 1 (Short Version)
B1 Instant Karma
B2 Cold Turkey / Axe Ends (Medley)

Parsley PP033

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