sabato 24 marzo 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD WR8 Rai Mixtape of Mannequin

Free download on iTunes the Mannequin Session 001 from Wr8 Rai

01 Martin Hall - Synthesis
02 Duet Emmo - The First Person
03 The Enter - The Contract
04 Autumn - Reach You From Behind My Walls
05 LASS Crime - I’ll Merry Go Round
06 Overlords - Secrets of the Universe
07 //TENSE// - Body Conscious
08 Ghibli - I’m Looking For You
09 Xeno & Oaklander - The Staircase (Live)
10 Sixth June - Come Closer
11 Octavius - Of Mask and Money
12 Frio - Someone Else


giovedì 8 marzo 2012

Soft Metals - Psychic Driving (Newclear Waves Remix) (digital-only)

In July 2011, Soft Metals released their debut self-titled album on Captured Tracks to critical acclaim. Soft Metals is diverse record of forward-facing synth pop that still pays homage to a wide range of past influences, and so garnered the attention of a wide range of tastes.

This 12" gathers 5 remixes (8 with the digital download) that represent an even further reach of those tastes, from a host of friends and contemporaries: Copy, Xander Harris, VALIS, Yard, Casa del Mirto, The Soulless Party, Newclear Waves, and The Drum.

While these tracks are aimed squarely at the dance floor, their spirit reverberates even further, with a large part of the proceeds going directly to Doctors Without Borders, an organization of doctors & nurses that provide urgent care to victims of disaster & war.

Soft Metals - The Remixes, available in early May on Sweating Tapes limited edition vinyl, and through various digital outlets.