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Carillon del Dolore/Petali Del Cariglione - Teatro Massenzio Roma 27.07.1985 LIVE K7

Coming from Roma , active from 1983 to 1986, Carillon del Dolore can be considered the only true italian gothc band. On his 5th anniversary celebration In The Night Time released a double cd "...Per portarti questo scrigno", that includes the two demotapes, Fiori Malsani e Ritratti dal Vero, previously unreleased tracks and live recordings, a live antholgy starting from their first exhibitions in 1983 until their reunion concert at Teatro Colosseo in Rome, in june 2007 .
The 24 pages booklet includes various pictures, lyrics, biography, discography and all the Carillon the Dolore lineups from 1983 until today.

Here shared a very rare live set from 1985, in Rome, that contains a previously unreleased track.

Afrodisia Città Libera - Stati D'Ansia 12'' 1985

Hailing from Sassuolo (Modena), Afrodisia Città Libera are simply the Italian Dark Wave at its best issuing. Apart the amazing 12'' EP posted here, they also released a full lenght in 1987 for Hiara Records, entitled "Il Veleno Della Sottomissione". Don't miss it.

Arranged By - Afrodisia Città Libera
Artwork By [Graphic Design] - Anna Vescovini
Bass - Stefano Nocetti
Composed By, Lyrics By, Vocals, Guitar - Sergio Giacomini
Drums - Alessandro Tacchini
Keyboards - Adele Canalini
Mixed By - Ricky Bezzini
Photography - Danny Lugli , Mauro Monti
Recorded By, Mixed By - Sandro Ferrari , Umberto Zini


A Stati D'Ansia 5:48
B1 L'Esodo Di Ritorno 3:04
B2 Corrosioni Di Una Notte Di Mezza Estate 4:09

Anemic Music CF NP 001


Various - Catalogue Issue LP 1984

Among the many independent labels one of the Italian best was surely the Florentine IRA.
Founded in 1984 by Alberto Pirelli, the IRA (Immortal Records Alliance) proposed the goal of promoting a strong underground scene based on national groups who preferred to use of Italian language instead of the more fashionable English in their songs, as
seen by the slogan "the new Italian music sung in Italian".

The business card of the label is the LP "Catalog Issue," in which appeared the first 4 bands that the label was able to take under its wing: Litfiba, Diaframma, Moda (all the 3 from Florence) and Underground Life (from Monza).

Compilation Producer - Alberto Pirelli.

All titles recorded at Global Art System Studio Firenze.

A1 Diaframma - Siberia
A2 Diaframma - Delorenzo
A3 Moda - Nubi D'Oriente
A4 Moda - La Voce
B1 Litfiba - Onda Araba
B2 Litfiba - Versante Est
B3 Underground Life - India
B4 Underground Life - Glasarchitektur



2+2=5 - Into The Future LP 1984

In 1982 Giacomo Spazio founded the band called 2+2=5, togheter with Nino La Loggia and Cha Cha Hagiwara, with whom recorded 3 records and appeared in several compilations (Grausame Vorstellung - Pianeti Di Lana, F/Ear This!, ad many more).
In 1983 he established with Ermanno Gomma Guarnieri the UT distribution. This was the first italian company that distributed counter-culture punk material (tapes, records and fanzines).
In 1986 with several friend Gomma, Kikko and Valvola, he is among the founders of the first italian no copyright & electronic counter-culture magazine called Decoder.
In 1987 he founded the independet music magazine Vinile and the related independent label Vox Pop that later became one of the most famous and important indie-rock italian label.
In 1997 he goes back to his full time job: being an artist.

Here posted their first mini LP, a nowdays classical into the minimal synth music.

A1 Without Words (Intro) 2:30
A2 Alternative Two2 4:15
A3 K. S. And V. 3:36
A4 Meeting Mc. L. 3:04
B1 Slow 4 4:02
B2 Jacho's Story 5:07
B3 It's A Good Day Today 4:15
B4 Last Sunset 5:15

No-Name Music NN 8312


Aloa - Aloa LP 1982

ALOA’s only LP is in no doubt one of the most incredible and rare German underground minimal electronics/NDW ever! ALOA were A. Kanz and M. Brendel from Kassel, Germany, recording this brilliant album in 1982 with a minimal set of equipment (Sequential Circuits Prophet V, Roland TR-606 and various percussive elements). “Weisser Wal”, “Traumfrau”, “Deutsche Begegnung” and “Fremdes Haus” are essential hits and definitely not to be missed. Anyway, ALOA had a very own yet versatile sound and great lyrics, too. Maybe comparable to some extent to VIDEOCLIPS, 1. FUTUROLOGISCHER CONGRESS, TRICK 17, and D.A.F.

If you want to purchase a copy for a reasonable price, visit the Anna Logue Records SHOP

A1 Weisser Wal 3:14
A2 Seltsame Ranken 3:43
A3 Traumfrau 3:00
A4 Himbeereis 4:31
A5 Deutsche Begegnung 4:40
B1 Banane Zitrone 3:55
B2 Mädchen Von Gegenüber 2:44
B3 Du Machst Es Mir Schwer 2:34
B4 Lebendig Und Vital 2:25
B5 Fremdes Haus 3:16
B6 Flamingos 4:05
B7 Hostessendienst 3:44
B8 Gequatsche 3:06

Offers Musik Produktion OMP 8202