giovedì 28 febbraio 2008

Various - 7'' From The Underground (A Compilation by Peter M.)

Here's a gift for you all, a compilation with the best selected tracks of, including also an exclusive Dead Relatives track, very hard to find and personally ripped from VM4 Tape Compilation.

01. doris norton - juno 106 software (0:23)
02. chromagain - satisfied (4:38)
03. testcard f - unfamiliar room (2:46)
04. baciamibartali-winterlight - isao (4:41)
05. uv pop - just a game (3:25)
06. the factory - burn me up (3:53)
07. schleimer k - the stag (4:16)
08. mark lane - mystery hero (2:11)
09. cold phoenix - la fleur du destin (5:22)
10. berlitz drama - herrmann (3:59)
11. andrew horrey - personal surrender (2:56)
12. kaa antilope - back in india (1:36)
13. xno - the story of the death boy (5:39)
14. dead relatives - dead's firstborn (5:22)
15. im so hollow - dreams to fill the vacuum (2:50)
16. taste of decay - somewhere (2:32)
17. the art of waiting - in the hidey hole (4:04)
18. karnak - when the doors are closed (2:11)
19. ritual - mind disease (2:45)
20. camera 3 - russians in space (2:33)

Thanks to you all for downloading.

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P.S. If you are gonna use in yr blogs the tracks i ripped (for a compilation or whatever), please always link where they are coming from...

domenica 10 febbraio 2008

Christof Glowalla - Erde 80 (7'' 1980)

This is simply THE berlinese minimal synth sound. A classic and cult 7'', also included in the 'New Deutsch' compilation some years ago. Registered on 9 and 10 Sept. 1980 in Musiclab Studio in Berlin, printed in 1000 copies.


A1 Erde 80
B1 Technik

CG 101

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Vice Versa - Stilyagi (7'' 1980)

Vice Versa was formed in Sheffield by Stephen Singleton and Mark White in 1978. They asked Martin Fry to join them after Martin had interviewed them for his fanzine Modern Drugs. They founded their own independent record label called Neutron Records and produced their first single 'Music 4'. Quote Stephen Singleton: "I remember going to the Limit nightclub and going up to people saying - psss do you want to buy one of these records." To their own surprise the single became single of the week in the NME.
Neutron records most important contribution to the scene was the EP '1980 - The First 15 Minutes', which featured four unsigned bands of Sheffield: ClockDVA, Vice Versa, I´m so Hollow and the Stunt Kites.
As Vice Versa they played a numerous amount of gigs.Their first gig was with The Human League at the Now Society at the Sheffield University and it was called 'What no Drummers'.
When they went over to Holland on tour, they were invited to jam in a studio in Rotterdam. Martin started to improvise on vocals and everybody was surprised by the quality of his voice. They decided to make him the lead singer instead of Mark White and spent about a year writing new songs, thinking of a new name and concept. The result was ABC.

stephen singleton:synths/sax
mark white:vocals
martin fry:synths


A1 Stilyagi
B1 Eyes Of Christ

Backstreet Backlash Records BBR003

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2.3 - All Time Low / Where To Now? (7'' 1978)

2.3 was a post-punk band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 1977 as 2.3 Children (a moniker that reflected the offspring count of the average household), the group included Haydn Boyes-Weston on drums, Paul Shaft on bass, and guitarist Paul Bower. The group shortened their name to 2.3 a few months after forming and found themselves signed to Bob Last's Edinburgh, Scotland-based Fast imprint (the label that would become the first to release records by the Human League and Gang of Four) after impressing the label head at a show in Doncaster. The band released their first single in March of 1978 in the form of "All Time Low" and apparently weren't heard from again. Boyes-Weston's talents can also be heard on a couple of early Cabaret Voltaire records.


A1 All Time Low
B1 Where to Now?

Fast Product FAST2

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venerdì 8 febbraio 2008

123 - Cocks and Lions (7'' 1980)

Mostly unknown UK band, composed by Jack Pinder, Alan Hilton, Nigel FOley e Jon Channon, their music is a kind of breaked avant punk, with some and very very far post punk recalls (it's the period..).


A1 Cocks and Lions
A2 Definite Paradise
B2 Zip Nolan

Jso Records EAT 3

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Teenage Jesus And The Jerks - Baby Doll (7'' 1979)

Teenage Jesus & the Jerks were an influential New York City No Wave music group of 1976-79 fronted by Lydia Lunch and James Chance, who later left the band after some conflict about their direction.

Reputed to play ten-minute sets of thirty-second songs (though "The Closet" and "I woke up dreaming" extended to around three minutes and performances up to twenty), they sought to take music beyond what Lunch saw as the traditionalism of punk rock ("I thought punk was lousy Chuck Berry music amped up to play triple fast", she later commented). Their frenzied playing and Lunch's shrieked vocals gained them a renown quickly matching and even surpassing that of other No Wave bands such as DNA or the older Mars.

The group left behind little more than a dozen complete recorded songs, most of the surviving titles being assembled in 1995 into an 18-minute career retrospective CD only slightly incorrectly titled Everything (though other studio versions of several songs exist alongside a few live recordings). Few bands can have achieved quite such an impact with so slim a body of work, one felt not only in the US but also via (extremely limited) radio play in Britain where their assault on convention contrasted even more powerfully with the punk music of the day. Lunch and Chance went on separately to continued success in the New York underground music scene and beyond.


A1 Baby Doll
B1 Freud In Flop
B2 Race Mixing

Lust/Unlust Music CC-334

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Los Microwaves - Radio Heart (7'' 1979)

Los Microwaves had been touring "coast to coast" for 3 years when upon moving to New York City from San Francisco, Interview Magazine's Glenn O'Brien wrote that they were "possibly the greatest rock band ever". After 2 more national tours, an LP on Poshboy records, and 4 cult hit singles, the band played their last show at New York's Danceteria in March 1983.

The main line-up included vocalist-bassist Meg Brazill, vocalist-keyboardist David Javelosa, and drummer-bassist Todd "Rosa" Rosencrans. The fourth member floated between Caroline Canning on percussion for the west coast, and Pilar Limosner on keyboards and fire-dancing for the east coast. The band had played venues in most major cities and college towns in the U.S. and Canada, and performed on tour with such bands as Gang of Four, Bow Wow Wow, Wall of Voodoo, XTC, Oingo Boingo, 999, Romeo Void, and Book of Love, to name a few.

Creating sound and music from the fusion of techno-punk, new wave pop, and electronic music, Los Microwaves featured a quirky audio theater that was best experienced live and from the dance floor. Sporting a combination of early portable synthesizers, bass and processed percussion, the music continues to deliver a unique groove, even by today's electronic methods.


A1 Radio Heart
B1 Coast to Coast

Soundchaser Music

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Mark Lane - Love Is So Aggravating (7'', 1981)

Going back to the early dawn of the new wave and punk movements, Mark Lane began his electronic music and tape splicing experiments in 1980. His first release in 1981 was a vinyl 7” entitled “Love is So Aggravating.” Although it was well received, it was the release of his 1984 mini-LP entitled “Who’s Really Listening?” that garnered him critical acclaim and cemented his place historically as one of the early pioneers of gothic industrial minimal electronic synthpop. Tracks like “Sojourn” and “White Glove” still rank very high among djs and aficionados of this era and have become standards of the genre.
During 1985 Mr. Lane made a short tour of the Netherlands with the founding members of the Klinik who were then touring their first record. Those shows and their recordings are still remembered as an innovative and important chapter in the history of the Belgian electronic music scene.
Additionally Lane collaborated with a large number of European musicians of the era including Martin Bowes of Attrition, Andy Szava-Kovats of Data-Bank-A, Guy Van Miegan of Vomito Negro, Richard Van Dellen of De Fabriek, Peter Van Vliet of Mekanik Kommando, Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, and many more.
In the mid 90’s Mark Lane released two CD-EPs “Black Lipstick” and “Shadow Merger” which in essence are sister recordings that link his past work to the present. Now at the height of his ardent analogue minimal wave style he celebrates his 25th music anniversary with three new releases, and continues to produce electronic music through a third decade.


A1 Love Is So Aggravating
B1 They Call It Game
B2 Mystery Hero

Artwerk Records ML-001

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A Popular History Of Signs - Justice Not Vengeance (7'' 1980)

Here's the first 7'' of A Popular History Of Signs, the english band centred around the talents of frontman Andrew Jarman (bass/vocals) and Peter Scammell (keyboards) and usually described by London's Time Out as 'moody evocative electropop'. If the A-side is an anticipation of what they will express in the future, the B-Side 'Possession' will remember you a kind of mix between Siglo XX and the classical Uk synth wave stuff.


A1 Justice Not Vengeance
B1 Possession

Melodia Records M1

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mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

UV Pop - Just A Game / No Songs Tomorrow (7'' 1982)

UV Pop is the main project of John K. White (ex I Scream Brothers). The "band" in fact consisted of nothing more than himself plus a series of pre-recorded backing tapes and his voice is as ragged as fingernails bitten to the quick, and the best items in his repertoire are those where he either distorts his vocals via some devious electronic gimmickry.
The 7'' was recorded at Western Works and produced by Cabaret Voltaire and U.V PØP and anticipated the fantastic LP 'No Songs Tomorrow. A particular thing is that the cover was designed and individually silk screened by Klive: there were 1000 copies made of this record and every sleeve looks different. Fortunatly, im one of these lucky owners :).


A1 Just A Game
B1 No Songs Tomorrow

Pax Records PAX 9

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Ritual - Mind Disease (7'', 1982)

Ritual went on to form In Excelsis with members of UK Decay. In 1982 they released their debut single, "Mind Disease". It was backed by "Nine". The goth punk band only lasted two singles and a demo tape, without creating an album.

A1 Mind Disease
B1 Nine

Red Flame RF 712

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martedì 5 febbraio 2008

DsorDNE / The Legendary Pink Dots - Split (7'', 1987)

The italian Snowdonia fanzine/label was runned by Marco Milanesio, whose musical solo project DsorDne is featured here, and by Marco Pustianaz. Also, DsorDne openned for The Legendary Pink Dots on their 1987 Italy tour. This 7'' was original released limited to 2000 copies and there are at least two versions of this release available:
- 7"x7" book in Italian, with English translation inserted, and a slot to hold the single.
- Magazine sized book in English.


A1 The Legendary Pink Dots - Premonition 11
B1 DsorDNE - Poesia E Suono

Snowdonia D 4 IT

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The Inca Babies - The Interior (7'' 1983)

Sometime in 1982 or 1983 in Manchester’s Hulme district the Inca Babies were formed. Hulme, a concrete, deck access ‘streets in the sky’ projects, was at that time a demi- bohemia over run with artists, musicians, students, addicts and ‘ne’er do wells’. Previous tenants, mainly families, put there to benefit from this ‘magical new living space’, realising a slum was a slum regardless of how high off the ground you put it, had long gone.

At the time Manchester music was gripped by a schizophrenic Jazz funk scene which was emulated by the ‘indie’ scene’s own approximation with its ‘jangly, dancy’ pop. In this climate the Inca Babies had no choice but to come up with their own sound. What resulted was a Raunchy Death Ray twang from a punk-trash, Americana perspective. Link Wray, The Cramps, The Gun Club and The Birthday Party were the spirit guidance, and a big influence. But, because the Incas were an obscenely English band impertinently playing out of their continent, people didn’t get it at first. However musicologist C.P Lee in his book on the Manchester music scene must have spotted something when he called them the ‘Hulme Cramps’. So indeed, must Radio 1 DJ John Peel and his producer John Walters. They took one listen to the first single The Interior and offered them a session on the spot. It was to be the first of four they did for Radio 1 between 1984-87.

After this there was a frenzy of bookings for their rowdy live shows. No Cub Scout hut was too small or warehouse too large. Within a year they had been to every borough and city in the land, usually at the stick carpet end of town, and a fan base had gathered across the UK. With 2 number one slots in the Indie single chart and a top 5 album, Rumble, the Incas soon began to find an audience abroad. Tours of Mainland Europe included Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and all of Scandinavia.

Three further Albums (This Train, Opium Den and Evil Hour) were released including six more singles all experiencing good sails and chart places. During this time while popularity was not a problem keeping personnel was, and while singers and drummers came and went the backbone of the band who played every gig and appeared on every record, Bill Marten (bass) and Harry Stafford (guitar, later Vocals) struggled to keep the integrity of the band alive.

The end came when there were no more singers and no more drummers. By the late 80s acid clubbers raved through the night and there was no place for the Incas. But by this time we’d joined them anyway.
The Inca Babies were: 1983-87

Harry Stafford (guitar, singer), Bill Marten (bass), Alan Brown (drums), Julian Worapay (singer), Pete Bogg (drums), Mike Keeble (singer), Darren Bullows (guitar), Johnny Scarles (drums), Tony Clarke (drums).


A1 The Interior
B1 Sense Of Loss

Black Lagoon Records INC 001

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Liliput - Die Matrosen (7'' 1980)

Originally called "Kleenex", this Swiss band had to change their name in order to avoid legal trouble with the tissue manufacturers. This all-girl-band (mostly) with a very energetic and original sound was considered by some as a sort of "the new Slits". After a few records and various personal and musical changes they split in the early 80's.


A1 Die Matrosen
B1 Split

Rough Trade RT 047

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VA - Daytime (7'', 1986)

This EP includes the fantastic melancholic Minimal Wave track “Personal Surrender” by ANDREW HORREY. Though from 1986, it sounds much older, which is mainly due to the use of the monotone analogue drum machine, a simple keyboard and overall simple textures. The EP also includes STEVE HERRIDGE (“Every Time I Call”), ELECTRIC DOG SEX (“Love Nor Money”) and PASSION TRADE (“19 Years”). Though they also use some drum machines and keyboards, they are more Powerpop than Minimal Electronic or Wave, though okay to listen to. (Description credits from Annalogue Records)


A1 Steve Herridge - Every Time I Call
B2 Electric Dog Sex - Love Nor Money
B1 Passion Trade - 19 years
B2 Andrew Horrey - Personal Surrender

Other Records OTH 4

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You can easily still order this 7'' directly from the Annalogue Records website! be hurry or it will finish!!

here's the link of the shop:

The Room - Motion / The Waiting Room (7'', 1980)

The Room were a cult Liverpool band who released three albums and a slew of singles between 1980 and 1986. Formed by songwriter Dave Jackson and bassist Becky Stringer in 1979, The Room reaped critical acclaim with singles such as In Sickness And In Health and Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl, as well as the album Indoor Fireworks (1982) and several John Peel BBC sessions. In 1983-84 the band had a shot a chart success on a major label, with the excellent album In Evil Hour produced by John Porter (Smiths) and mercurial Television personality Tom Verlaine. In 1988 the core of the band morphed into Benny Profane, and later still became Dead Cowboys.


A1 Motion
B1 The Waiting Room

Box Records BOX 001A

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Manicured Noise - Faith/Free Time (7'', 1979)

Manchester, England's Manicured Noise formed in 1978, but the very early days of the band remain a mystery. Given their name by prime Manchester scenester Linder, the group peddled a form of spiky and angular jazz/punk. Jeff Noon, acclaimed sci-fi, cyberpunk writer ("Vurt", "Nymphomation") was an early member of the group, adding to the group's retro-futurist edge. Inspired by Television, Talking Heads, August Darnell's Machine, French Soundtracks and Disco Chic along with a nod to Northern Soul and Moroder, the band cut a singular groove. Early hours inspiration from 70’s cop and Kung-Fu soundtracks were incorporated, a good 10 years or more before Massive Attack and Portishead did the same. In doing so, Manicured Noise created a sound that’s still difficult to pin down.

Guitarist and later period frontman Steven Walsh was an ex member of the Flowers of Romance, pre-Pistols vehicle for Sid Vicious, and various members of the Slits and Banshees. Steven brought an experimental and funky ethos to the band.

"Faith" (Pre/Charisma, 1980) was acclaimed on release, its Northern backbeat acknowledging the Manchester debt. A BBC session followed. Then, nothing. As Steven Walsh suggests: “Had we stayed together that little bit longer, who knows what might have been?"

"Northern Stories 1978/80", a Manicured Noise retrospective, will be released October 30th on Caroline True Records. The album collects for the first time almost all of their recordings including their two singles for Pre/Charisma Records, a BBC session and unreleased material.

Manicured Noise was:
Steve Walsh - Vocals and Guitar
Stephanie Nuttall - Drums
Jodie Taylor - Bass
Peter Bannister - Clarinet/Sax
Owen Gavin - Vocalist
Jeff Noon - Guitar


A1 Faith
B1 Free Time

PRE 006

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Officine Schwartz - Fräulein (7'', 1986)

One of the very first industrial bands in Italy, Officine Schwartz distinguished themselves as a multimedial project, fusing music with performance, theatre, dancing, and lots of other art disciplines. Their music creates a unique melt of heavy industrial rhythms (generated by found metal percussions), electronics, traditional popular songs, workers' striking choirs, and a lot more.


A1 Fräulein
B1 Rambo

U.T. Comunicazioni UT 002

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