venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Some nice updates on our favorite labels

Here we are with 3 greaaaaat news

1) Minimal Wave is back with 2 fantastic releases!

- MW016 - Bal Paré 7"

Minimal Wave presents a 4 song 7" EP by legendary German band Bal Paré. The band was formed in 1980 by Kirsten Klemm, Manfred Asmus and Matthias Schuster. Schuster, the brainchild behind the band, is also known for these projects: Geisterfahrer, Im Namen Des Volkes, Jeanette Und Das Land Z, and Das Institut.
The four songs were recorded between 1981-1984 and are all previously unreleased. The songs range from really original, danceable dark synth with an early industrial feel to warmer synth pop, the last song featuring Kirsten on vocals. On colored vinyl with a hand silk screened heavy card stock jacket, a beautiful release, limited to 600 numbered copies. Special thanks to Kristamas Klousch for the cover photo!

- MW017 - Moderne - 017 (double LP compilation 1980-81)

A limited edition double 180 gram vinyl LP release of Moderne's: Moderne (1980) & L'Espionne Aimait La Musique (1981), remastered from the original analog reels and housed in a matte laminate gatefold jacket with an 18"x"24" poster featuring an interview, and band photo.
Moderne was a minimal/synthpop band formed in Tours, France in 1979. After releasing two albums & two singles between 1980-1981, nothing was heard from Moderne aside from "Switch on Bach" (released on the compilation So Young But So Cold). Moderne remains notoriously hidden in the past, and their albums and singles have become collectors' items. The albums were mixed by Joschko Rudas and Henning Schmitz at Studio Rudas Düsseldorf, the same studio Kraftwerk used for Man Machine (1978). The production is exceptional. This is French new wave at its best.

2) The Units new “History of the Units” 21 song compilation album, with a 32 pages booklet, is finally out!!!

3) Anna Logue Records is back with a great-​great-​great release

STRANGER STATION - Echoes in Infinity - vinyl LP - 10 tracks - 1981

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giovedì 18 giugno 2009

The Rock and Roll Bitches - Wild West 7'' 1980


Title: Wild West

Format: 7''

Year: 1980

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Label: Rich Young

Catalog Number: -

Songs: Someone Could Lose an Eye / Broad Daylight // Welder's Song / Wild West

Notes: 500 numbered copies.


Really thanks to Uberbelly for sharing this 7'' 

The Malibu Kens - Be My Barbie 7'' 1981


Title: Be My Barbie

Format: 7

Year: 1981

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Label: Exploding Debut

Catalog Number: -

Songs: Crude City / Wednesday Morning at 5:00 as the Day Begins

Notes: Also see V/A: It Came from Inner Space


Really thanks to Uberbelly for sharing this 7''

mercoledì 3 giugno 2009

Theme - Conflict 7'' 1982

This is a Scottish 7" from 1982 by the band THEME, a band from a little town near Edinburgh, Scotland. This 7" is their only release and the whole pressing came in plain sleeve.

This one is for lovers of Leitmotiv early works, New Order 1st period & maybe Echo. A truly unknown gem from the post-punk wave era.

A Conflict
B Sacred

Creed Records CR001


Really thanks to Marc from sharing this 7'' and the description as well too.