venerdì 27 agosto 2010

Led Er Est - PS 18 (video Mannequin)

Led Er Est - PS 18

editing video by AA from Filmstudie by Hans Richter (1926)

track from Led Er Est / Ancien Régime 2010 on Mannequin (MNQ 012)

lunedì 23 agosto 2010

Newclear Waves - God Of War (video)

Newclear Waves - God Of War (video)

editing video by AA from Le Coquille et le Clergyman (Dulac, 1926)

track from Newclear Waves / Opus Finis K7 Split 2009 on Mannequin (MNQ 007)

venerdì 20 agosto 2010

Zoo Boutique - Forgive And Forget 7'' 1982

Zoo Boutique were a minimal wave band from Leeds. Their only single “Forgive and Forget”/”Happy Families” (on Lightbeat Records) received national airplay on BBC Radio 1, later joining Fleetwood's Shining Sons and Blackpool punk band Pink Torpedoes.

The vocalist Duncan Jowitt (Dunk Rock) had been guitarist in an early line-up of Section 25 before the band signed to the Factory record label. In 2000 he formed UFX togheter with Rat Fink (Andrew Wilson), the drummer and guitarist for gothic rock band Alien Sex Fiend.

This 7'' was tecorded at Ric-Rac Sound Studio, Leeds

Backing Vocals - Emmie
Bass - David Foster
Drums - Steven Grice
Keyboards, Percussion - John Hayward
Producer - Dave Parkinson
Synthesizers, Vocals - Philip Denton
Vocals - Duncan Jowitt

A Forgive And Forget
B Happy Families

Lightbeat Records Light 006


mercoledì 18 agosto 2010

Marcie's Still Waiting - A Mysterious Song 12'' 1985

Marcie's Still Waiting were a German new wave band from Bochum, deeply influenced by the work of The Cure, but more cold wave oriented.

As far as i know, they only released two EP's, “A Mysterious Song" in 1985, that i found some days ago in Barcelona, and “Mirrors & Daydream” in 1986, plus an appearence in the compilation 'Rock Around Bochum' from 1988.

The 12'' was recorded and mixed at Mollycat Studio, Velbert-Langenberg. Drums played by "A good friend", not mentioned by name.

What i found is the first edition distributed by "Wishbone Records" (toy bear with drum)

A1 Mysterious Song
A2 Unique World
B1 66
B2 For You

Wishbone Records WM 85001