venerdì 24 aprile 2009

XNO - Angel 12'' 1987 RE-UPLOAD

This rare and mostly unkown twelve inch album from italian group XNO were distributed by Supporti Fonografici, the home of bands like Weimar Gesang and Chromagain. From the back cover notes we can read that Xno were A.Battistello, N.Carraro, M. Dal Santo, E. De Facci and S.Molo and the album was registered and mixed at the Magic Studio in Malo (Vi). The release's year should be 1987.


A1 Angel
A2 The Birth
B1 I Can't Cry
B2 The Story of the Death Boy

Supporti Fonografici UHF 001

Thanks to Andreas Herz for the professional master audio quality ripping


mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

Flowers Of The Past - The Fuhrer 7'' 1983

Flowers Of The Past recorded just this single, at ICC Studios, Eastbourne, March 1983. We are in the tipical post punk with a gothic vein.

A Fuhrer
B Medieval

Memorial Records MEM 1


martedì 21 aprile 2009

Mr. Andrew - Magic Planet 12'' 1982

Andrew Piccitto is the ex-member of the legendary duo Flo & Andrew, who released the obscure 12" Take Suicide in 1981, this is his solo project, always in the vein of experimental minimal synth sound.

A1 The Bats (4:33)
A2 To Drown Emotion (5:10)
B1 Magic Planet (3:25)
B2 Weatherwatch (3:27)

Base Record BASE EP 003


Pâle - Blue Agents LP 1982

To know the origins we have to come back at the end of 70's, to a punk rock band called Electric Nerves. Then the band lose the guitar player and changes the name in Pale T.V., with an atypical formation of 3 girls and 1 man: Francesca "Blue Niagara" (keys), Valeria "Whip" (bass), Alessandra "Lady Adrenalina" (drums), Alex (voice and sax). Their first 7'', 'Night Toys' got a tipical new wave inspiration.The name changes shortly in Pale and in 1982 Blue agents Lp is out. In this period they receive a lot of proposals, including invitations from Caterina Casella, Milva or a possible participation to the Festival of Sanremo.
The Pale reject these offers, considering them as a compromise : after this waste, the label Italian Records decide to split with them. In 1983 they open the four italian concerts of Simple Minds and after few months, unable to get labels interested, they stop their career in music production.


A1 The Parallel Cat (2:30)
A2 Teutonic Knight (3:24)
A3 Something Wicked This Way Comes (2:18)
A4 Tatuate E Contuse (2:39)
A5 The Livid Triptych (3:05)
A6 Lôve (4:04)
B1 All The Dead Children (3:55)
B2 Photoglass (3:03)
B3 Lovelace Lips (1:44)
B4 False Actions (3:38)
B5 Shimpu (4:10)

Italian Records EXIT 909


lunedì 20 aprile 2009

Stranger Station - Minutes To Silence 7'' 1981

Stranger Station was originally formed in late 1978 by Simon Driscoll and Judith Golberg. They played electronic music which was original in having no drums or percussion of any description .The band played many gigs and free festivals highlights included an electronic music festival at the Spectro Arts Center in Newcastle. They also supported Wishbone Ash at St Albans City Hall (now the Arena). In 1981 they released the single 'Minutes to Silence' which 25 years later is a favorite of the minimal electronic fans. The band disbanded about 1983 .

A Minutes To Silence
B Strangers

Superwop ST 01


Ich - Untitled LP 2005 Bootleg

Berlin based minimal synth musician, started his career in the early 80`s and released several tapes at the time.

Limited edition of 100+/- copies (it is not clear how many copies were pressed exactly).
Two different names of the label are indicated on the sleeve: Takahara and Takahama.
The compilation contains a selection of tracks from the four known "Ich" tapes.
This bootleg did not become mastered correctly.
The labels are hand-stamped with a japanese motive (geisha) and writing.

A1 123234
A2 Much Better
A3 Was
A4 Anelpos
A5 Unfall
B1 Kraftfahrt
B2 Speicher 8
B3 Aberglaube
B4 Zeittransfer/Aufbruch

Takahara XXX


3 Teens Kill 4 - No Motive LP 1984

3TK4 (3 Teens Kill 4) was a musical group based in the East Village of New York City in the 1980s. They are most notable for featuring David Wojnarowicz, a famous artist, as a member.

Has an inserted booklet in fanzine style 'Information Et Divertissement N°3

A1 Circumscript
A2 Hold Up
A3 5/4
A4 Crime Drama
B1 Tell Me Something Good
B2 Hut
B3 Bean Song
B4 Hunger

L'Invitation Au Suicide ID3


The Laughing Mothers - Tunnel / Cats Cradle 7'' 1985

Laughing Mothers were an UK dark / post punk act from Corby - Midlands.

Band members were Karen Hay (voice / tambourine), Robert Fowler (bass), Andy Duroe / Simon Smith (guitar), Erik (drums)

Soon very nice news about them..

A Tunnel
AA Cats Cradle

Motherkare Records MUM1


Science Patrol - Bandit Ducks From Outer Space 7'' 1981

This is the only release by Science Patrol, also included in the great Reminiscent Box by Genetic.

Science patrol is:
Christopher M. Pitman
Andrew L. Finkle
Rick Cuevas
Michael Brian 'Dad' Calder
Mark C. 'Spike' Bracewell

Tracks on B-Side are mixed,
ending in a locked groove

Edition of 2000 with numbered insert

A Bandit Ducks From Outer Space
B1 Pop A
B2 Pop B
B3 Pop C
B4 Pop D

Zero Risk Records ZR001


domenica 19 aprile 2009

F:A.R. - Frammenti K7 1986

Italian industrial prime-movers, led by Mauro Guazzotti (later known as MGZ).

A1 Possibilità Infinite (I & II)
A2 Encomio Di Cordelia (Live)
A3 Touching Litte Girls
A4 Il Natale
A5 Percorsi
A6 The New Massacre (Live)
B1 Obsession
B2 Brabanconnes
B3 Splendour
B4 Povero Piccolo Pastorello Nella Neve
B5 Rainbow Dance (II)
B6 Hint

Label: Technological Feeling


Central Unit - Contaminazioni - live 16-7-1982, Palazzo D'Accursio - Bologna/Italy

Central Unit were simply one of the greatest new wave band in Italy during the 80's. Here their live set for Contaminazioni multimedia festival, in 1982.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Rehearsal - Pt. 1
Rehearsal - Pt. 2
Rehearsal - Pt. 3
Rehearsal - Pt. 4


Pro Memoria - Elegeia 12'' 1990

French band from Lyon, active from 1987 to early 90's, often compared to Cocteau Twins but with a little jazz influence on their last works.

A1 Hannah
A2 Le Temps D'Un Voyage
A3 Utopie
B1 Le Jugement Dernier
B2 Trop Rêvé

Aspect D'Une Certaine Industrie ACI5


Pseudo Code - Moon Effect 7'' EP 1981

Active between 1980 and 1982, this Belgian experimental group comprised Alain Neffe, Xavier Stenmans and Guy-Marc Hinant. Around Midnight was recorded in rehearsal, and thus the sound is slightly imperfect. Sandwich Records released two Pseudo Code EPs during 1980/81 (Far Away From My Own Land, Moon Effect) and two cassette albums (Potlatch Music I and II). Other recordings from this period include the albums Europa (Pseudo Records) and the 10" EP Light. Neffe ran the prolific cassette label Insane Music, and also records as BeNe GeSSeRiT, among many other guises. Guy-Marc Hinant is a partner in the Sub Rosa label. Xavier Stenmans works for Belgian national radio and television

A1 Moon Effect (4:50)
A2 Memories (2:55)
B1 No Desire (1:55)
B2 Slow Defeat (4:50)
B3 Real Action (2:05)

Sandwich Records SR10