martedì 23 dicembre 2008

Maëror Tri [...]* - The Singles (CD 2005)

Cd compilation of Maëror Tri, comes in a 7" cardboard cover and limited to 525 copies.

Tracks 1 and 2 originally appeared on Physis (Fool's Paradise FP 037, 1995).
Tracks 3 and 4 originally appeared on Mystagogus (Noise Museum:White Noise WN 003, 1995).
Tracks 5 and 6 originally appeared on Exorbitant (Ant-Zen act 042, 1996).
Tracks 7 and 8 originally appeared on Pleroma (Ant-Zen act 079, 1998).
Comes in a 7" cardboard cover.
Limited to 525 copies.

1 Physis (8:29)
2 Phyein (7:27)
3 Mystagogus (7:56)
4 Ousia (7:51)
5 Exorbitant (8:06)
6 Industrial Meditation (6:42)
7 Pleroma (9:23)
8 Altrove (14:14)

EE Tapes EE06


venerdì 19 dicembre 2008

Cold Phoenix - Your Eyes Are My Eyes CD Repress PRE ORDER

Hi all,

Mannequin Mailorder is happy to announce the repress of Cold Phoenix, we are the only and official distibutors/sellers for this great re-release.

The CD will be ready for the end of January, we are starting from now a pre-order for our customers, as we are sure that it will be sold out very fast, usually the original 12'' is finishing for crazy prices on Ebay (250-300 dollars).

The CD reissue comes in a stunning 6 panel digipak with full lyrics
and unpublished pictures of the band, embellished by 2 fantastic bonus
tracks, 'Stop Just A Moment' and 'The Greatness Of Love', in 500 limited copies.

Cd Price: 12,50 eu + shipping

Pre orders at:

Cold Phoenix were an italian dark wave / post punk group from Bologna, formed in 1985 by Vittorio Barion (bass), Alessandro Paltretti (guitar,vocals), Alessandro Ruggeri (drums) and Alberto Verri (keyboards). Their story is simply the story of 4 young guys, with a great passion for our beloved dark tunes, in fact all the tracks were composed ad the age of 19..just two years later, after the release of their only 12'' EP 'Your Eyes Are My Eyes', few live acts and even video appareances on Rai Television, all was finished.

It's interesting to analyze this specific period in Italy, in fact they were one of the typical Dark Wave band helped by synths and drum machines emerging from the Mid 80's in Italy, like Neon, Monuments, Lisfrank and Carmody, just to name a few. If 'Sensation' could be a classic track of every italian wave compilation, instead 'La Fleur Du Destin' could sound to you very close to Guerre Froide and other french cold wavers; 'Stonehenge' and 'Binding Me To a Dream' complete the 12'' with their obscure and melanchonic sound.

3.La Fleur Du Destin
4.Binding Me To Dream
5.Stop Just A Moment
6.The Greatness Of Love

Thank you!

Mannequin Mailorder

domenica 14 dicembre 2008

Z Share Loops

As to re-up everything is simply too much work, please post HERE what you need and i will re upload it.

Sorry for past comments, i will start this work only from this post.

thank u

Peter M.

Camera 3 - Love Like Acid (K7 1981)

After the 7'' from Camera 3, another great post on them, their 1981 cassette, recorded at Elsenham, Essex by Simon Millward (Metabolist).

Camera 3 line-up:
Andrew Johnson: vocal strain, artwork, keyboards
Graham Weston: garage guitars
Paul Miller: innocent bass, keyboards, handclap
K. Shillingford: drumBreath

Side A:
Kiki Picasso
Love Like Acid

Side B:
Over the Edge
Charlie’s Got a Grin

Cassette King Records CK1


18:e Oktober - Hybris (K7 1985)

Another great tape for the prolific swedish minimal synth act 18:e Oktober

A1 Strömavbrott (3:27)
A2 En Gömd Tid (Källar Version) (3:31)
A3 18 Ugglor-Hybris (6:31)
B1 (Utdrag Ur) Evigheten (5:57)
B2 Atmosfär (5:58)

Neuköln Records NK 004c

18e oktober - hybris (1985)

18:e Oktober - Likström (K7 1985)

Great minimal synth act from Sweden, here with their classical tape from 1985.

A1 Mobbad Uggla (0:30)
A2 En Sammanfattning (1:45)
Written-By - Johan.P*
A3 Lhasa (4:25)
A4 En Gömd Tid (5:10)
Written-By - Kladdockorna
A5 Kinesisk Dimma (4:25)
A6 Mörker & Kyla (6:05)
A7 Isländskt Vatten (4:15)
A8 Likström (2:50)
A9 Dam-Rakning (1:10)
Written By - Frank.T
B1 Gasljus (2:25)
B2 Information Om Det Nya Urvalssystemet (3:20)
B3 Kricket I Luren (2:25)
B4 Tidsbegränsningar (5:25)
B5 Jan (4:40)
B6 -18°C (2:25)
B7 Svarta Klot (2:30)
Written By - Billy.P
B8 18:e Oktober (6:05)

Neuköln Records NK 003

18e oktober - likstrom (1985)

lunedì 8 dicembre 2008

Peter M. vs Mushy - Fando Y Lis (CDr ltd 80 copies, MNQ 001 2008)

Peter M. vs Mushy - Fando Y Lis (CDr ltd 80 copies, MNQ 001 2008)

Inspired and composed for 'Fando Y Lis', Alejandro Jodorowsky's first feature length film from 1967.

tracklist (click for audio sample):

01 Act I (Tar)
02 Act II (The Tree)
03 Act III (The Maze)
04 Act IV (The Fool)
05 Act V (The Ascension)

CDR 7'' format on rough cardboard, 80 handnumbered copies: 5 euro + shipping - write to

Peter M. - Kawai Sx 240, Korg Ms 20, Roland Juno 60, Roland Cr 78, Korg Kr 55
Mushy - Voice and lyrics

Recorded and mixed at Mannequin Studio - Rome, November 2008. Mastering by Lutring.

domenica 2 novembre 2008

Isolation Ward - Point De Départ (K7 1984)

Here's the 1984 tape of the belgian cult-wave band Isolation Ward, formed in 1980 and disbanded in 1983, on their own labelPrésence.
A full CD soon on LTM, that it will also distributed by Mannequin Mailorder.

A1 Meat In Motion
A2 Try Again
A3 Deadlock
A4 Remember
A5 Illusions
A6 Waste
B1 Hope And Despair
B2 Still From Heaven
B3 Once And For All
B4 Feeling The Pain

Présence 011

Download from Z Share

Many many many thanks to Nakedlunch to share this great tape on 7'' from The Underground!

venerdì 31 ottobre 2008

Tasaday - Aprirsi Nel Silenzio (CD repress 1984, 2000)

The experimental/noise/tribal/postrock/industrial music band, located in Brianza, Italy. Active since 1982 and formed from two bands named Die Form & Orgasmo Negato, (changed in Die Form & Nulla Iperreale in 1983) the band chose the definitive name Tasaday in 1984. In the 80s they had many live performances, published fanzines, 3 LP, a unknown number of cassettes and many radio transmissions. In the 90s they had some peformances, one CD and other stuff.

Re-issue of the vinyl album, which was released in 1984. Remastered March 2000.
Hand-numbered limited to 500 copies.

1 Un Nuovo Istante (3:28)
2 Nel Corridoio Dei Riflessi (3:12)
3 Silenzi Incessanti (4:33)
4 Fire Is Falling (4:07)
5 Ende Der Geschichte... (4:18)
6 Vibrazioni Del Presente (4:26)
7 Dopo Heidegger (4:58)
8 Aprirsi Nel Silenzio (6:10)
9 Ende Der Vorstellung (6:41)
10 La Sovranità Morta (6:44)

Wallace Records wallace06

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Primitive Calculators - Primitive Calculators (CD 2004)

Alongside Ollie Olsen’s band Whirlywirld, Primitive Calculators were leading lights
of the so-called Melbourne’s ‘Little Band’ movement of the late 1970’s. The ‘Little
Bands’ concept was based around the premise that anyone could get up on stage and
perform for 15 minutes. Primitive Calculators delivered a raw, savage, kinetic sound
that could only be compared with the New York No Wave (which encompassed the
likes of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and James Chance and the Contortions). The
band built up a strong inner-city following and issued one independent single in 1979,
‘Do That Dance’ / ‘I Can’t Stop It’. The Calculators had their final performance at the Seaview Hotel in early1980, the night before Denise left for Europe. In early 1986, Primitive Calculators reassembled to record two tracks with producer/musical director Ollie Olsen, for the soundtrack to Richard Lowenstein’s feature film Dogs in Space

Re-release of self titled live LP with bonus tracks and video.
Track 17 recorded in London as Zyé yé yé.

1 Primitive Calculators I Can Tell
2 Primitive Calculators Do The Icepick
3 Primitive Calculators Signals
4 Primitive Calculators Stains
5 Primitive Calculators Mud In My Eye
6 Primitive Calculators Beat Goes On
7 Primitive Calculators Lullaby
8 Primitive Calculators Do That Dance
9 Primitive Calculators I Can't Stop It
10 Primitive Calculators Bake In The Sun
11 Primitive Calculators Shout
12 Primitive Calculators Sec Sec Sickle
13 Primitive Calculators All I Get Is A Girl
14 Primitive Calculators Nothing
15 Primitive Calculators Glitter Kids
16 Primitive Calculators Casualty Ward
17 Zyé yé yé I Want To Live
Video Primitive Calculators I Can't Stop It (Video)

Chapter Music CH47

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Whirlywirld - The Complete Studio Works (CD 2002)

Legend has it that late-70s Melbourne saw a music scene that was divided between that based south of The River, centred on the The Birthday Party, and that based north of The River. Even the northern scene had its own artistic schism between an emotion-destitute electronic music as encouraged by Philip Brophy and a rampant, chaotic musical blend of electronic and punk that became known as the Little Band scene. Whirlywirld were part of the north-of-The-River scene and part of the Little Band scene. This is the world the movie Dogs In Space attempted to capture. Indeed, Ollie Olsen, who fronted Whirlywirld, was the musical producer for this movie. The band was a pioneer of synthesiser punk, coming across with something of the experimentation of Suicide, Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, and also with the more song-oriented sound of Joy Division. The Primitive Calculators was also a key band in this scene. Drummer John Murphy (Slub, Dumb and the Ugly, The Associates, Shriekback, Spk and many more) was a key member. Andrew Duffield who later joined Models was also a member.

Tracks 1-3 recorded 28/10/78 and remixed 17/3/79
Originally released 1979 as EP MLS-3
Tracks 4-9 recorded at York St Studios Nov/Dec 1979
released as MLEP-4 12" EP and bonus 45rpm 1980

1 Window To The World (3:42)
2 Moto (3:47)
3 Signals (7:30)
4 Eyebrows Still Shaved (3:45)
5 Sextronics (4:29)
6 Big Gun Action (5:22)
7 Boys Of The Badlands (4:15)
8 Red River (4:13)
9 Win/Lose (5:45)

Missing Link 10

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mercoledì 29 ottobre 2008

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - La Nouvelle Art Du Deuil (CD 1995)

Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata (Kirlian Camera's Simon Balestrazzi), often credited as the abbreviated T.A.C., developed a sort of gothic industrial progressive-rock with a series of cassettes and albums , we found involved many Kirlian Camera elements (Angelo Bergamini, Emilia Lo Jacono, Ivano Bizzi)

1 Lux Obnubilata (3:52)
2 Hugging Shadows (2:53)
3 La Courbe De Tes Yeux (3:01)
4 Blood Will Run (3:48)
5 Hypnotischer Eden (2:22)
6 Requiem Des Schwarzen Lichtes (Introitus-Kyrie-Dies Irae-Agnus-Lux Aeterna-Libera Me) (26:27)
7 The End Of Day (4:11)
8 Tis Kolassis Kambanes (3:33)

Discordia DISC 043 CD

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O Yuki Conjugate - Primitive 1983-1987 (CD 1996)

O Yuki Conjugate is an organic ambient musical group, sometimes based in London. Their music has also been categorized as darkwave, but perhaps more gentle than others in that genre. Members of the group vary, but include C. Elliot, R. Horberry, T. Horberry, A. Hulme, M. McGeorge, D. Mudford, and P.A. Woodhead. Instruments on the recording Peyote include tongue drums, roto-toms, bongos, congas, "big bean," "found percussion," drum machine, wind chimes, loops, frying pan, bass, samples, keyboards, fractal guitar, e-bow, flutes, chants, radio, wildlife, tablas, berimbau, nose-singing, and vocals. Their music is, apparent from this list, percussive and inventive, but it is also atmospheric.

These recordings compile tracks recorded during the period 1983-1987.
Tracks 1 to 10 recorded 1984, Leeds.
Track 11 recorded 1985, Nottingham.
Tracks 12 to 13 recorded 1987, Nottingham.
Track 14 recorded 1983, Leeds.
Tracks 1 to 5 and 8 originally released on the album Scene In Mirage (A-Mission).
Tracks 12 to 14 originally released on the video Peripheral Vision (Ikon).

Limited edition of 2000

1 Aura (1:01)
2 Anima (3:33)
3 Odomankoma (5:52)
4 Intromission (1:09)
5 Flute Cloud (3:27)
6 Disquiet Mountain Plain (3:30)
7 Suspicion (3:44)
8 Sedation (3:30)
9 Savannah Nocturne (4:51)
10 Remaining Darkness (1:27)
11 Waiteri (3:18)
12 Rail Music (5:55)
13 Tidal (4:36)
14 Transcontinental (12:14)

Staalplaat STCD 074

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Autopsia - Requiem Pour Un Empire (CD 1991 1st ed.)

Autopsia is depersonalized art project dealing with music and visual production. Autopsia gathers authors of different professions in realization of multimedia projects. Its art practice began in London in late '70ies of the last century, and continued, during '80ies in art centers of the former Yugoslavia. Since 1990, Autopsia acts from Prague. At the beginning of its activity Autopsia issued a dozen of MCs, in the period after 1989, twenty CDs were issued, at first for Staalplaat from Amsterdam, then for German label Hypnobeat and London's Gymnastic Records. Autopsia's music can be found on numerous compilations issued all over the world. One of its compositions is a part of the soundtrack for Peter Greenaway's film "Pillow Book". Music production of Autopsia is associated with a large graphic production which consists of original graphic objects, design of flyers, booklets, CDs and a Web Page, with its offsprings: Autopsia TV and Illuminating Technologies.

The first edition is hand-numbered to 500 copies. My copy is number 480 :-)

1 Intro (3:38)
2 Lebensherrgabe (8:18)
3 Zinnia (4:05)

Hypnobeat CD 3405-2

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Various - Ελληνική Ροκ Σκηνή: Οδός Συνέχειας... (CD Compilation)

Great Post/Punk - Dark/Wave greek compilation, out with the magazine ΜΕΤΡΟ.

Tracks 1-7 are taken from various 7" singles of Creep Records.
Track 9 is not the original mix, but no mix info is listed.

1 Villa 21 Move (5:44)
2 Yell-O-Yell Crow's Complaint (4:30)
3 Metro Decay Σκιές (3:25)
4 Clown Κλόουν (3:52)
5 Art Of Parties Central Room (3:55)
6 The Reporters I Wanna Know (4:03)
7 Villa 21 I See No! (5:05)
8 Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων Η Θλίψη Έχει Πάντα Χρώμα Σκούρο Μπλε (5:09)
9 Στέρεο Νόβα Το Παζλ Στον Αέρα (3:59)
10 Υπόγεια Ρεύματα Μπλε (3:00)

ΜΕΤΡΟ 12, FM 8006

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martedì 21 ottobre 2008

Systems - Scenery (7'' 1980)

Systems were a nice synth-wave act from UK , the band was composed by John 'Strange' Hawkins (Vocals,Bass), later This Island Earth,Kevin Chapman (Guitar),Tony Elson (Drums) and Mike Reed (Keyboards). Other 2 tracks were included in the classical 'Street To Street Vol.II' compilation.

A Scenery
B Private Lives

Stress Records Stress001

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mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

A little up-date about Mannequin Mailorder, the italian Cold Wave / Dark / Minimal Synth / Industrial mailorder that is currently distributing:

- Anna Logue Records (Minimal Synth - Germany) exclusive distribution
- Brouillard Definitif (Cold Wave - France) exclusive distribution
- Clogsontronics (Synth/Wave - Holland) exclusive distribution
- Das Drehmoment (Electro/Wave - Germany) exclusive distribution
- Dead Scarlet Records (Dark Wave - Greece) exclusive distribution
- Eirkti (Cold Wave / Post Punk - Greece) exclusive distribution 
- In the Night Time (Dark Wave - Italy) 
- Infrastition (Cold Wave - France)
- Intuition Records (Dark Wave - Russia) exclusive distribution
- Manic Depression (Dark Wave - France)
- Sacred Bones Records (Post Punk / Synth Punk - U.S.A.) exclusive distribution
- Str8line Records (Cold Wave - France) exclusive distribution
- Vinyl On Demand (Minimal Synth / Industrial - Germany)
- Words On Music (Indie/Wave - U.S.A.) exclusive distribution



mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

Dead Links

In the next days i will try to re-up the dead links - as more as possible. im a bit busy with the mailorder so ill try to do all i can :-)

here's the Karnak - When the doors are closed (7'', 1984) , just to start

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sabato 13 settembre 2008

Mannequin Mailorder

Mannequin Mailorder is an indipendent mailorder, based in Rome - Italy. It was founded by Alessandro Adriani and Carlo Cassaro in July 2008 in order to distribute and spread material mostly from the Cold Wave, Dark Wave,Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Industrial, No Wave and Experimental area.
MM is the first and official italian distributor for the Italian Dark Wave label In the Night Time, the French Cold Wave label Brouillard Definitif, the German Minimal Wave label Annalogue Records and the American Indie/Wave label Words On Music.



martedì 9 settembre 2008

Various - A White Chance (LP 1984)

Here's a great italian dark-wave sampler composed by 3 bands, Go Flamingo!, Intelligence Dept. and Plastic Trash, all from the city of Ferrara. Some of these songs were also used for the soundtrack of an italian underground wave cult-movie, called 'I Ragazzi Di Torino Sognano Tokyo e Vanno a Berlino', togheter with Monuments, Kirlian Camera, NOIA and many others.

Intelligence Dept. will be soon released by Annalogue Records, so we will listen soon also their demos, can't wait simply.....


A1 Go Flamingo! - Sonic Beat
A2 Go Flamingo! - Time Out Of Joint
A3 Go Flamingo! - Come Closer
A4 Intelligence Dept. - Anger
A5 Intelligence Dept. - Too Late To Love
B1 Intelligence Dept. - Sleeping City
B2 Plastic Trash - All Before You
B3 Plastic Trash - Princess Of Misery
B4 Plastic Trash - If You Turn Off The Light

White Studio Recording WS001

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giovedì 4 settembre 2008

Minimal Wave In Italy (MP3 2008) - Peter M. Mix

Here's a Minimal / Dark Wave compilation that i mixed and compiled for a radio show that was planned to be on a italian fm radio, Radio Onda Rossa. Hope it will be online soon also on East Village Radio, obviously thanks to Veronica (Minimal Wave label).

If you are gonna link the compi, please always refer to the original link.


Note that ALL the bands/projects included in the mix are from Italy :-)


doris norton - caution radiation norton
aus decline - she gave me algedy
lass crime - land of nothing
xno - the story of the death boy
chromagain - after the clouds
monuments - monuments from the future
mr. andrew - the bats
lisfrank - i still believe in love
cold phoenix - la fleur du destin
militia - limbo
baciamibartali-winterlight - isao
vena - insane
metal vox - future world
suicide dada - acque
san vito dance - boring sunday
atelier du mal - untitled

Let me know what do you think about.

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008

Ten Mad Mongers - Deathbeat (LP 1986)

Ten Mad Mongers where initially a one-man project but became a real band after Lorenz Ritter recorded a 9-Track LP, "Deathbeat", at White Noise Studio, Hamburg. Having no label and the attic full of freshly pressed records, it quickly became clear that forming a band and playing gigs might help selling the record. Consisting by three quarters of the former punk-outfit Blanker Hohn, the band began rehearsing and played several gigs. Highlight was an opening show for the legendary Sort Sol at Lund University, Sweden.


A1 Promise 1
A2 Promise 2
A3 Pills
A4 The Man In Black
A5 Different
B1 Crowd
B2 Headlines
B3 To My Heart
B4 Dedication

TMM 001

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Victrola - Maritime Tatami (12'' 1983)

Victrola was a minimal wave duo (Eze and Carlo) from Messina but based in Florence, breathing so the same air as Neon, Pankow but also Alexander Robotnick and Diaframma.

Guess there's nothing else to say on this GREAT record, the only one that the band released (not considering 'Into The Gloves' track, included in the famous 'Gathered' compilation'), i put it simply in the top 5 of the Italian New Wave period.

As i know from personal informations, for this 12'' the duo used: Roland Tr 606 (with separate outputs) and Roland Tr 303 Bassline, Roland Juno 6, Korg Polysix, Fender Stratocaster amplified with Lab Series Lp5 filtred with a MXR flanger

Here you can find an interview to Victrola, but in Italian language only.


A1 Maritime Tatami
B1 A Game Of Despair

Electric Eye Records EES004

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Violette Nozière - La Dame En Noir (12" 1984)

The history of Violette Nozière began in December 1981, in Mont-Saint-Aignan, on the campus of the University of Rouen (France), founded by Pascal Grimbert (keyboards), Christophe Magniez (bass), Bruno Simoni (guitars) and Herve Tirilly (voice). The four teachers find themselves in the evening to make music in a room of the University City. The first concerts at the Ecole Normale will signal the start of a short-lived career which ended with the exit of the maxi 12'' vinyl, 'La Dame En Noir', in 1984. The group was also part of the 'Première transmusicale rouennaise', that was pressed as a lp compilation.

The 12'' was self-produced and recorded/mixed at Rocking System studio during the 16-19 Feb. 1984. It contains also a B/W inlay sheet (LP size) with greetings and lyrics.


A1 Incendie
A2 La Chambre Jaune
B1 Inutile
B2 Suicide Hongrois

VN Records VN001

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Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh - Die Kriegserklarung LP 1982

For info on them please check here, i already ripped their 12'' Berlin.

Really thanks to Erik Van Velzen for his rip!!!


A1 Banane, Zitrone
A2 Rhythmus Der Musik
A3 Rohe Gewalt
A4 Das MÖrderlied
A5 Die Superbraut
A6 Kreuzberg
B1 Kleine MÄdchen
B2 Das Friedenslied
B3 Babies Vonheute
B4 Falshe Freunde
B5 Liebelslied
B6 Propaganda Durch Die Tat
B7 Spab Mub Sein

Zick Zack ZZ70

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sabato 30 agosto 2008

Religious Overdose - I Said Go / Alien To You (7'' 1981)

Religious Overdose were the first band of Alex Novak, later with The Tempest and above all with Venus Fly Trap. They did just few tracks on singles (one is ripped here, then we have another 7'', "25 Minutes" and a 12'' "The Girl With The Disappearing Head", probably their best release) and compilations, we can describe them as a experimental wave or a kind of alternative post punk.


A1 I Said Go
B1 Alien To You

Glass Records GLASS009

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sabato 23 agosto 2008

Various - SF Underground (7'' 1979)

This is the first release on Subterranean Records, home of Flipper, Minimal Man, Nervous Gender and Inflatable Boy Clams (ripped here). It was pressed in 6000 copies and released with sleeve and lyrics insert.

Recorded in September, 1979. Track A2 recorded live at PoLite Productions.


A1 No Alternative - Johnny Got His Gun
A2 Flipper - Earthworm
B1 The Tools - Asexuality In The 80's
B2 VKTMS - Ballad Of Pincushion Smith

Subterranean Records SUB01

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venerdì 22 agosto 2008

Nausea - Vocal Expression (7'', 1981)

I would like to have myself more info about Nausea, from the few things that i have here it seems they are a half-italian half-belgian based in Brussels band on Sandwich Records, home of Pseudo Code, Polyphonic Size and Kaa Antilope (already ripped).

For this release Nausea were Giorgio S., Paolo S., Jean-Francois P.; the 7'' was produced by Nausea and Phil Wauquaire.


A Vocal Expression
B Killing Time

Sandwich Records SR08

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Pas De Deux - Des Tailles (MLP 1983)

Pas De Deux represented Belgium for the 1983 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The mainstream audience did not understand this unconventional song (a simple tune and just one line of text: 'Rendez-vous. Maar de maat is vol, en mijn kop is toe'). The band ended third from last. Nonetheless 'Rendez-Vous' became a big summer hit in Belgium that year. Pas De Deux released one mini-album, Des Tailles (where Instant Karma and Cold Turkey are written by John Lennon) and a couple of singles.


A1 Mani Meme
A2 Lits Jumeaux
A3 Take A Cigarette 1 (Short Version)
B1 Instant Karma
B2 Cold Turkey / Axe Ends (Medley)

Parsley PP033

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mercoledì 2 luglio 2008

Various - In The Night Time Sampler Vol. 1 (MP3 2006)

In The Night Time sampler vol. 1 is a promotional sampler of the dark-wave oriented italian label, free downloadable from their website.


1. Carillon del Dolore – Pain

2. La Mamoynia – Ich Bin Niemand

3. Violet Stigmata – Abyss

4. Bohémien – La parata del circo

5. Avantgarde – Rapito dal vento

6. Ikon – Reality is lost (live in Rome 2003)

7. Spiral of Silence – Souls

8. Siglo XX – Birds (live)

9. Echoes of Silence – Running (demo version)

10. Vestfalia’s Peace – Before the strom

11. Violet Pleasure – Hurt

12. Other Voices – But a chill runs along your spine

13. Il Giardino Violetto – Litanie a Satana

14. Seraphins en Pleurs - Before I wake (London Mix)

15. Spiritual Front - Soulgambler

16. Ludmila – Trasporto

17. Lupercalia – Ouroboros

In The Night Time NT003


Human Vanity

This post reminds me something...Why the humans need always to boost their ego to show that "they know"? Is not possible simply to do a normal link with the real person who did this compilation instead of using even my logo but changing the name? Of course, the "Música para reuniones secretas. vol I" is the 7'' from underground compilation, that this guy decided to be HIS compilation. Yes there's the "thanks to", but what's the use?

Lately i started to be totally fade up of a lot of persons, also downloaders/users of my blog.

I will reprise a topic that i also used on MW forum

With my blog, i just want to promote culture, and in this case, musical culture. This is what i do anyway in my job as journalist, reviewing famous or unknown albums, doing interviews to Vince Clarke or to Humour Malade, just to say 2 estreme positions.

In the r
ipping there are at least 2 negative effects. First, The ripping is increasing day by day the prices of records .. 5 / 6 years ago bands as the Factory or Schleimer K, just to do two examples, where not so "famous" as now, and it was possible to buy them for a normal price, in fact i did in the past, buying for a kind of nothing records that now r is nearly impossible even to find. Second, a new generation of so called 'experts' are born. They just download some data files from internet (that we call mp3) and they think they know all about music, not even buying the records when are out, not supporting the good labels as Annalogue, Minimal Wave, Brouillard Definitif and the others.

In fact another point that i would like to clarify is that for me is very important to NOT RIP the things that r still available to buy (in stock) from the Labels we all like. They do a great and difficoult job, with a small quantity of copies, they simply have to survive to print other things.

I dont know, maybe i'm too much 'extreme' and i pay attention to things that are not so important, but at least my passion is real and i feel it on my skin every day..

domenica 29 giugno 2008

Underground Life - Noncurance/Black-Out! (7'' 1979)

Underground Life borned in 1977, during the punk era, founded by the drummer Lorenzo LaTorre. Giancarlo Onorato, the well-known leader of the band, joined last. In 1979 was printed their first 45, 'Noncurance/Blackout!' on Ivoire, exposed in the shop windows of the London Rough Trade as “italian punk rock”. Just few years later they will be totally involved in the Italian New Wave sounds.


A1 Noncurance
B1 Blackout


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Geoff Leigh - The Chemical Bank (7'' 1979)

Geoff Leigh (born 5 October 1945) is an English jazz and progressive rock musician, playing primarily soprano sax and flute. He was a member of the English avant-garde rock group Henry Cow and founded several bands himself, including Red Balune, Random Bob, Black Sheep, Mirage, and Ex-Wise Heads.

This 7'' was recorded and mixed June 1979 at Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg.


A1 Shah Of Iran
A2 The Chemical Bank
A3 Black Metal Twist
B1 Psychotropic GangLions
B2 Starshooters


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sabato 28 giugno 2008

Kirlian Camera - Heldenplatz (7'' 1987)

Kirlian Camera
are the historical pioneers of the Italian electronic scene. Active since 1977, the band has published its self-titled debut in 1981. The early records contain a mix of synth pop and new wave/dance songs, while towards the end of the 1980s' Kirlian Camera's music has progressively become darker and darker, turning into a monumental electro-gothic sound. Nearly every release since then has explored different fields, from industrial to ambient, from experimental to drum 'n' bass. The mind of Kirlian Camera has always been Angelo Bergamini, other important members have been or still are Simon Balestrazzi (of T.A.C.), Gianluca Becuzzi (of Limbo), Emilia Lo Jacono and Elena Fossi. Kirlian Camera are well-known and respected in the European electronic scene a lot more than in Italy, where they remain mainly unknown. The band has collaborated with the likes of Dive, :Wumpscut:, Death In June, T.A.C., Limbo, and many others.


A1 Heldenplatz
B1 Burial

Virgin Dischi VIN 45228

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3 Minutes - Automatic Kids (7'' 1980)

Undaunted by the collapse of Ring O'Records and lack of chart success, Johnny Warman continued to work on his own sound and formed the group 3 Minutes, with Jeff Rich on Drums and Paul Martinez on Bass. Johnny states that the band's name came to him in a dream where he was told "you shall be called Three Minutes" although now Johnny jokes that the band lasted about as long. 3 Minutes toured supporting The Vapors for 24 dates and XTC for 6 dates. The group disbanded after releasing this single in 1980 on Rocket Records, XPRESS 40 "Automatic Kids"/"Future Fun" which to date was Johnny's most widespread release seeing releases in Great Britain, France, West Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal. Although 3 Minutes has disbanded after only one single the door was now open at Rocket for more solo releases in 1981.


A1 Automatic Kids
B1 Future Fun

The Rocket Record Company 6000 487

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venerdì 27 giugno 2008

OTO - Anyway (12'' 1984)

OTO were from Nancy (France), the band was constituted by Pascal Hubert (Bass & Vocals), Farid Dahalb (Drums & Vocals) and François Rousseau (Guitar). They also recorded a lp 'Purge an urge' in 1986 on Madrigal label and appeared on compilations like 'Nancy' (1986) and the cd 'Return Of The Banshee' (1995).

This 12'' was originally released with a banderole (that i own)..thanks to Echo Frau for my copy. Really thank you my dear.


A1 Anyway
B1 Bats
B2 Bad Boy

Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier DSA 54501

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giovedì 26 giugno 2008

Les Provisoires - Dis-moi, Dis-moi Dis-moi (7'' 1987)

Les Provisoires were a french post punk/cold wave band, with some late garage influences.They started recording a 7'' split with Masoch in 1982, then they recorded a full-lenght in 1984, 'Loin de la plage' on L'invitation au suicide. This 7'' was recorded in 1987 in Remaximum Studio and produced by Robin Wills; the last step of their career was 'Mother' maxi on Contorsion label. Is already annunced a cd compilation on Brouillard Definitif, so simply stay tuned!


A1 Dis-moi, Dis-moi, Dis-moi
B1 Dark Star

Not On Label L1

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mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

Mecánica Popular - ¿Qué sucede con el tiempo? (LP 1984)

Great synth-industrial Spanish duo (Luis Delgado and Eugenio Muñoz) originally released on now-defunct Spanish music label Discos Radioactivos Organizados (DRO) in 1984, then also reprinted in 1989 by Discos EG.


A1 Impresionistas 1
A2 La Edad Del Bronce
A3 Impresionistas 2
A4 Quiero Irme
A5 Siempre Tu
A6 Modelos Existentes
A7 Estado Sólido
B1 Galilea: Centro De Datos
B2 Daguerrotipo
B3 Ambrotipo
B4 Plenilunio
B5 Maquinas Y Procedimientos


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Virgin Prunes / Higsons, The - Jigsaw Mentallama / The Lost And The Lonely (7'' 1981)

Free flexi-disc that came with Vinyl Magazine #9. "Jigsaw Mentallama" version from Virgin Prunes is slightly different to the version on the "Over the Rainbow" album


A1 Virgin Prunes - Jigsaw Mentallama
B1 The Higsons - The Lost And The Lonely

Vinyl Magazine V 9

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Twisted Nerve - Caught In Session (7'' 1982)

A classic single from Twisted Nerve who originally formed in 1978 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They first appeared on Playlist Record's first release, the "Mint Sauce For The Masses" compilation e.p. with 2 tracks "Neutral Zone" and "Vertigo".
This was Twisted Nerve's first release in their own name and the 3rd release on Playlist Records. This session was recorded at the BBC Studios on 17/18th October 1981 and broadcasted on the John Peel Programme, November 2nd and 16th


A1 When I'm Alone
B1 Never Say Goodbye
B2 Indecision

Playlist Records Play 3

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Brygada Kryzys - Centrala / The Real One (7'' 1982)

Brygada Kryzys is one of the most important and most influential Polish rock/wave bands. Founded in 1981 by two already well-known musicians and composers from Warsaw - Robert Brylewski - guit., voc. (previously Kryzys) and Tomasz Lipiński - guit., voc. (previously Tilt).


A1 Centrala
B1 The Real One

Tonpress S-442

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venerdì 13 giugno 2008

Radio Stranger show 11/06/2008

Another great show online on the Radio Stranger website, as always available for free and compiled by Echo Frau,the mastermind of Brouillard Definitif label.

So on the 11th there will be a last show - a final dedicated to martial punk/post punk with some classics but also some more darksides-alternative projects.

Tune in the last time!

Here's the tracklist

Death In June We Drive East Heaven Street 12'' New European Recordings 1981
Siekiera Idziemy Na Skraj Nowa Aleksandria LP Tonpress 1986
Len Liggins Cleaning Up Your Factory A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' AAZ
Soviet War Nuthouse V.A. No Big Business 2 LP Anything But Records 1983
Twisted Nerve Never Say Goodbye Caught In Session 7'' Playlist Records 1982
Feud Suffer To Load But Once mLP Feud Records 1984
Forward Music Quintet I will not apologise The Mystery Of A Dying Species 12'' Forward Music Organisation 1983
Clock Dva Brigade Various – 1980 : The First Fifteen Minutes 7'' Neutron Records 1979
Crisis Holocaust Holocaust/U.K. 12'' Action Group Records/Ardkor Records 1979
1919 Giant Earth Song 12'' Abstract Sounds 1984
Ban Ela Danca Alva Luz alma dorida mLP EMI 1984
Vex It's no crime Sanctuary 12'' Fight Back Records 1984
Dau al Set I love you V.A. Ephemere vol.2 12'' Radio FMR 1985
Cold War The Machinist The Machinist 7'' Namedrop Records 1983
Joy of Life Standing Enjoy New European Recordings 1985

You just need to click on Podcast and select 11 June 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (11.06.08)

lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Brouillard Definitif Newsletter

Ok, now we need yr help..due to some technical problems happened in the passage to the new version, all the conctacts saved in the BD Newsletter are lost (more than 2500 members).

My advice is that everybody that is a lover of the Cold Wave sounds should register her/himself to the newsletter, to keep an eye open on the new releases - it is very easy, simply click on the link below and then go to the NEWSLETTER section, then add yr name/nickname + email and that's all.


Hope all of you will do it, and please, continue to buy the records and support the small labels!

Peter M.

giovedì 29 maggio 2008

Radio Stranger show 28/05/2008

Another great show online on the Radio Stranger website, as always available for free and compiled by Echo Frau,the mastermind of Brouillard Definitif label.

Here's the tracklist

D-FIXION Che Swi Amuroes Detwoa demo autoprod. 1986
Jon Teknik Radio Station Intuitive Scientists EP CD Jonteknik music 2008
Moral Still Remaining And Life Is LP And Life Is LP Arp Grammofon
Hysterica Passio Alone Grey Over Life 12'' Fire in Heart 1982
Deo Toy Love Me Or Leave Me V.A. The Found Tapes LP Minimal Wave 2007
El Deux & Martin Kraft Computermädchen Nur für Mädchen LP Gold Record 1982
Die Unbekannten Don't Tell Me Stories Dangerous Moonlight 12'' Monogram 1983
Oi! The Robot Manifest Oi! V.A. Son of Oi! Syndicate 1983
Western Electrique Eh! Toi La Ville Riders in the sky 7'' autoprod. 1988
Perfect Strangers Fascination Fascination 12'' Godsongs 1984
Dream Unit A Drop in the Ocean 7''

Voice Farm Elevate Double Garage/Elevate 7'' Systematic Records 1981
Azul 29 Video Game Video Game 7'' Elektra 1984
Bill Bruce Changing 12''

You just need to click on Podcast and select 28 May 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (28.05.08)

mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

1984 - Tu Nie Bedzie Rewolucji-Krucjata (7'' 1986)

1984 is one of the most importand Polish New Wave Bands, their dynamic cold wave sound remind of bands like Siekiera and Madame. During the years the band underwent some personell changes but they never really split.
In 2007 they released an album full of new songs called "4891", which is quite reminiscent of their older stuff.


A1 Tu Nie Bedzie Rewolucji
B1 Krucjata

Tonpress S-647

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lunedì 21 aprile 2008

Inflatable Boy Clams - Inflatable Boy Clams (2x7'' 1981)

Inflatable Boy Clams were Carol Detweiler (also member of Voice Farm and Pink Section), JoJo Planteen, Judy Gittelsohn (Pink Section member too) and Genvieve Boutet de Monvel. The record was produced on Subterrean Records by Myke Reilly of Voice Farm.


A1 Skeletons
B1 Snoteleks
C1 Marin
C2 I'm Sorry
D1 Boystown

Subterranean Records SUB 20

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domenica 20 aprile 2008

CCC CNC NCN - Live 1-5-91 Forte Prenestino (K7 1991)

Anonymous noise/performance collective from Torino, Italy. Spawning from the anarchic/antagonist underground scene, CCC CNC NCN combine an extreme old school industrial sound with conceptual records and live shows about unpopular topics, such as suicide as extreme choice of freedom, mass control and oppression.


Tracklist features "Proclama Della Fame Delle Genti", "Dolce Rosso Calice", and other two unreleased tracks.


sabato 19 aprile 2008

The Higher Primates - The Higher Primates (7'' 1980)

Minimal synth pearl 7'', a big classic for collectors of this kind of music. In 2007 Annalogue Records also released a great compilation, 'Echoes from Our Past', that includes an unreleased track of Higher Primates. So simply run and buy it.

Anna 009

Produced By Nick Brown, 1980 Irresponsible Music BMI.
Cover design: Penelope Brown.


A1 Taking In The Summer
B1 Living In A Vacuum

Tekno Tunes LES-035

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Units - High Pressure Days / Cannibals (7'' 1979)

This is the first and self-produced 7'' from The Units, a classical synth-punk band from San Francisco. It was out as a private release and it comes in plain white sleeve with "Units" stamped in blue on front.


A1 High Pressure Days
A2 Cannibals
B1 Work
B2 Cowboy

Not On Label

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mercoledì 16 aprile 2008

Various - VM Quattro (K7 1985)

This tape was released along with the italian underground fanzine VM and is a split between 2 interesting dark wave/post punk bands, Dead Relatives and Tribal Noise. Simply listen it and tell me what do you think about.


A1-Dead Relatives - Intro
A2-Dead Relatives - Dead's Firstborn
A3-Dead Relatives - Feather Tranquille
A4-Dead Relatives - Mars
A5-Dead Relatives - With Dog And Dame
B1-Tribal Noise - Città In Fiamme
B2-Tribal Noise - Tenebre Veloci Su Bologna
B3-Tribal Noise - Resisti!
B4-Tribal Noise - Inferno Senza Respiro