mercoledì 2 luglio 2008

Various - In The Night Time Sampler Vol. 1 (MP3 2006)

In The Night Time sampler vol. 1 is a promotional sampler of the dark-wave oriented italian label, free downloadable from their website.


1. Carillon del Dolore – Pain

2. La Mamoynia – Ich Bin Niemand

3. Violet Stigmata – Abyss

4. Bohémien – La parata del circo

5. Avantgarde – Rapito dal vento

6. Ikon – Reality is lost (live in Rome 2003)

7. Spiral of Silence – Souls

8. Siglo XX – Birds (live)

9. Echoes of Silence – Running (demo version)

10. Vestfalia’s Peace – Before the strom

11. Violet Pleasure – Hurt

12. Other Voices – But a chill runs along your spine

13. Il Giardino Violetto – Litanie a Satana

14. Seraphins en Pleurs - Before I wake (London Mix)

15. Spiritual Front - Soulgambler

16. Ludmila – Trasporto

17. Lupercalia – Ouroboros

In The Night Time NT003


Human Vanity

This post reminds me something...Why the humans need always to boost their ego to show that "they know"? Is not possible simply to do a normal link with the real person who did this compilation instead of using even my logo but changing the name? Of course, the "Música para reuniones secretas. vol I" is the 7'' from underground compilation, that this guy decided to be HIS compilation. Yes there's the "thanks to", but what's the use?

Lately i started to be totally fade up of a lot of persons, also downloaders/users of my blog.

I will reprise a topic that i also used on MW forum

With my blog, i just want to promote culture, and in this case, musical culture. This is what i do anyway in my job as journalist, reviewing famous or unknown albums, doing interviews to Vince Clarke or to Humour Malade, just to say 2 estreme positions.

In the r
ipping there are at least 2 negative effects. First, The ripping is increasing day by day the prices of records .. 5 / 6 years ago bands as the Factory or Schleimer K, just to do two examples, where not so "famous" as now, and it was possible to buy them for a normal price, in fact i did in the past, buying for a kind of nothing records that now r is nearly impossible even to find. Second, a new generation of so called 'experts' are born. They just download some data files from internet (that we call mp3) and they think they know all about music, not even buying the records when are out, not supporting the good labels as Annalogue, Minimal Wave, Brouillard Definitif and the others.

In fact another point that i would like to clarify is that for me is very important to NOT RIP the things that r still available to buy (in stock) from the Labels we all like. They do a great and difficoult job, with a small quantity of copies, they simply have to survive to print other things.

I dont know, maybe i'm too much 'extreme' and i pay attention to things that are not so important, but at least my passion is real and i feel it on my skin every day..