sabato 18 febbraio 2012

Rome On Air: Mannequin Records (SV) mixtape

"Mannequin Records is really pleased to join Satellite Voices with a pure minimal electronics mixtape, which is moving back and forth its time lancets from mid 70s to nowadays, exploring various territories and formats (tapes, 7'', vinyls). The opening is offered by Fondation, a French obscure band from 1980, mixed with Mort Gartson's Ataraxia 1975 project, described by the author itself as 'Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult'. Being December, it was natural to move in the Scandinavian 'cold wave' 80s zone, with Twice A Man, Lister, Det Gylne Triangel and Danton's Voice killer track "I Hear The Bells", recently reissued by our lovely Veronica from Minimal Wave. On the other side, Ice The Falling Rain, with their b-side "Illusions", Section 25, New Order, The Fallout Club and Broken Tables are filling the 80s UK Synth Wave pack.