mercoledì 25 luglio 2007

Modern Eon - Pieces 7" 1979

Their first self-produced seven inch, with alternative versions!

Modern Eon were from Liverpool in the North West of England. They were a part of the "New Liverpool Scene" that sprang up in 1979-1980 around 'Eric's Club'. Others belonging to the "New Liverpool Scene" included Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, Dead or Alive, Pink Military and more. This is their first self-produced seven inch, on Eon Records. The particularity of this single is that "Second Still" & "Choreography" are very different from album versions, with more raw and post punk sounds.


A1 Second Still
A2 Waiting for the Cavalry
B1 Choreography
B2 The Look a Smack

Eon Records EON 001

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domenica 15 luglio 2007

Xno - Angel 12" 1987

Great and rare dark-wave sounds from Vicenza (Italy)

This rare and mostly unkown twelve inch album from italian group XNO were distributed by Supporti Fonografici, the home of bands like Weimar Gesang and Chromagain. From the back cover notes we can read that Xno were A.Battistello, N.Carraro, M. Dal Santo, E. De Facci and S.Molo and the album was registered and mixed at the Magic Studio in Malo (Vi). The release's year should be 1987.


A1 Angel
A2 The Birth
B1 I Can't Cry
B2 The Story of the Death Boy

Supporti Fonografici UHF 001

Thanks to Andreas Herz for the professional master audio quality ripping


sabato 14 luglio 2007

Informatics - Accident In Paradise 12" 1985

Seminal analog sounds from Australia

The band started in 1981 in the basement of an art school in when two art students, Michael Trudgeon and Valek Sadovchikoff shared the same sonic space and found a common love of sweeping oscillators. They were soon joined by Steve Adam and Ramesh Ayar. Ramesh wrote several songs with Informatics but soon moved on to other passions. Philip McKellar joined the band in 1983. Informatics were seduced and fascinated by the capabilities of analogue synthesizers. In early performances, long before the advent of samplers, rows of synthesizers were patched together to create unique percussion and instrumentation solely generated by analogue synthesis. Informatics held a fascination for contemporary visual art and moving images and this led to several concerts where the live performance was accompanied by a large screen format video.The production elements in the videos reflected Informatics philosophy on sound composition: the footage was entirely pirated from television ads, manipulated and then collaged to create new narrative that reinforced the music.
In 1983, Informatics released a 4 track, Dezinformatzia, but all tracks were recorded between January and November 1981 using 4- and 2- track recorders. In Australia it was frequently played on alternative and college radio stations, but the conservative mainstream showed no interest. In Berlin on the other hand there was already a culture of electronic music literate fans and Proximity Switch, later renamed Accidents in Paradise got onto the mainstream charts in late 1985.


A1 Proximity Switch (Accident In Paradise)
B1 Hungry Pets
B2 Satellite To Russia

Last Chance Records LCR 002

Thanks to Andreas Herz for the professional master audio quality ripping


venerdì 13 luglio 2007

Red Zebra - I'm Falling Apart 7" 1981

Fantastic cold-wave from Bruges (Belgium)

Started out as a band of four sixteen-year-olds in 1978 under the name of The Bungalows. After learning to play some instruments and a name change to Red Zebra, they debut with a self-produced, self-written and self-sold EP. On this EP figures the song "I can't live in a living room". This biting indictment of bourgeois society became a radio-hit and is considered one of Belgium's finest cult classics. After another single (I'm Falling Apart/TV Activity, here ripped for your pleasure) they record the mini-album "Bastogne" in 1981. Riding on the "cold"- and "new"-wave, this record has quite an impact. Their first full-length album "Maquis" of 1983 (which is preceded by the singles "Lust/The beauty of the beast" and "Polar Club") gets received with mixed feelings, after which the group goes into a lull and splits up completely in 1986.

A1 I'm Falling Apart
B1 T.V. Activity

Zebra Records ZR002


giovedì 12 luglio 2007

Kuruki - Just A Cat 7" 1983

Synth pop of the early 80's from Ghent (Belgium)

Kuruki was almost a solo project, by Ghent-based musician Gerry D'Haeyer. The single "Crocodile tears", printed in 1981, was fun and interesting, a one hit wonder. Then followed three 12" ('Such a Liar', 'Action' and 'Souvenir / Souvenir'), this 7" single "Just a cat" in 1983, which was recorded with Alan Gevaert & Chris Whitley of Noh Rodeo, and a full-lenght in 1984, 'Tv Scape'. Gerry D'Haeyer later went on to play drums with bluesmusician Roland Van Campenhout.

A1 Just A Cat
B1 Marina Key (Casino Parade)

Vogue Belgique Vb.708


lunedì 9 luglio 2007

Underground Life - Away/Le Vol 7" 1983

Cult new wavers from Milan (Italy)

Underground Life borned in 1977, during the punk era, with a temporary formation of young musicians, founded by the drummer Lorenzo LaTorre. Giancarlo Onorato joined the band last. In 1979 was printed their first 45, 'Noncurance/Blackout!' on Ivoire, exposed in the shop windows of the London Rough Trade as “italian punk rock”. In 1980 followed a hard-to-find tape, 'I Fiori Del Male': it was borned the more excting story of the italian underground music. After some live shows, they released the 12" 'The Cross' (1981) on Trinciato Forte Records and their first lp 'The Fox' (1982) on Suono/Panarecords. After to join the legendary I.R.A. Records, where some albums were produced, including the tracks for the compilation 'Catalogue Isse' (1984) shared with Litfiba, Diaframma and Moda, they released this rare promo seven inch, musically between the classical new wave sounds and the minimal synth stuff.


A1 Away
B1 Le Vol

Suono SR 7124


venerdì 6 luglio 2007

The Factory - Hold Out 7" 1986

One of the best dark wave single from London (Uk)

This is the seven inch version of the legendary twelve 'Hold Out' from the english group The Factory. No presentation needed, just download.


A1 Hold Out
B1 Burn Me Up

Strike Back Records SBR10

Dedicated in loving memory of Paolo.


mercoledì 4 luglio 2007

3 Of A Perfect Pair - Silent Desease/Flaming Torch 7" ????

Unknown dark wave band from Kiel (Germany)

The only information that ive found about this obscure band from Germany is printed in the back of the seven inch, you can see the scan for more infos. Unfortunatly i miss the year of the release, however the "dark" sounds place it at mid 80's.


A1 Silent Desease
B1 Flaming Torch

Perfect Rec. Step 001


martedì 3 luglio 2007

Abwärts - Computerstat 7" 1980

Legendary new deutsch wellers from Hamburg (Germany)

The band started in 1979 with Frank Ziegert alias Frank Z. (voice,guitar), Gita Haberland, Fm Einheit (later with EN, Mona Mur and Palais Schaumburg) and Axel Dill. In the middle of 1980 was added Mark Chung as a firm member. Abwärts first appearance took place in 29.12.79 on the “Geräusche für die 80er” festival in the Markethall in Hamburg. Shortly thereafter, 1980, appeared the first 7 inch EP “Computerstat”, which stayed nearly one year on place 1 in the German (sound) Independent Charts. Always in 1980 was released their first album “Amok Koma”, followed in 1981 by another 7 inch, "Roboter In Der Nacht", all this stuff on the legendary Zick Zack label, home of Die Radierer, Andy Giorbino, Andreas Dorau, Kosmonautentraum, X Mal Deutschland and obviously Einstürzende Neubauten.

A1 Computerstaat
A2 Japan
B1 Moon Of Alabama
B2 Wir Warten
B3 Nach Haus

Zick Zack ZZ2


Detonazione - Sorvegliare e Punire 7" 1983

Killin' post-punk/no wavers from Udine (Italy)

Detonazione were Bruno Romani (alto sax,vocals,samples),Gianni Brianese (fretless bass), Glen Celeghin (drums),Loris Lavia (guitar), Giorgio Cantoni (synths), Fabio Scroccaro (percussions, synths). The group was borned under the wing of social centers, but always found difficulty to estabilish theirselves in this contest, because they didnt sound "hardcore". The music is a perfect mixture between the noisy jazz echoes from the no-wave area and the tribal post-punk sounds, with a massive storm of synthesizers. They released this four tracks 7" (33 rpm) in 1983 for Tunnel Records, enclosed in the Rockgarage magazine (number 0/4), 'Riflessi Conseguenti' in 1984, and a compilation with rarities, called 'Ultimi Pezzi', in 1989. A track called 'Dead planet blues ' was also included in the F/EAR This! compilation.

A1 I dont wanna be (a frustrated one)
A2 This is religion
B1 Assenza di pensiero
B2 Staticità malata

Tunnel Records P1983


domenica 1 luglio 2007

The Tea Set - Parry Thomas/Trix Pan 7" 1980

Herttfordshire-based punk/poppers (Uk)

The Tea Set's Nic Egan, Ron West and Cally (just "Cally") were students at Watford College of Art where they mingled with Wire founders Colin Newman, Bruce Gilbert and George Gill (whose song "Mary is a Dyke" may have heavily influenced the Tea Set's "B52-G"). Ron and Cally played together in the Bears, whose 1977 45 debuted Watford Art grad Phil Smee's Waldo's label, and Cally had done the Nigel Simpkins EP on his own (Waldo's 002), so the Tea Set finally arrived with Waldo's 003: the Cups and Saucers EP. This came in a fancy booklet, but it wasn't a patch on their second, Parry Thomas, which arrived in a folder sleeve on four different colours of paper –with a poster, a card and a 'tea bag'. Cally: "Most all of the Waldos releases were laboriously hand-assembled and packed in Phil's living room. We dreaded a hit!". The A-side was included also in the compilation 'The Indie Scene 1980'.

A1 Parry Thomas
B1 Trix Pan

Waldos Records PS 006


I'm So Hollow - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum 7" 1980

Great post-punk sounds from Sheffield (Uk)

I'm so Hollow was one of the many bands that formed in 1978. The "Hollow" sound came after several months of practice sessions in the cellar at Joe Sawicki's parents house. They played their first gig with ClockDVA in the Penthouse Club in Sheffield. Many gigs followed with bands like Vice Versa and their biggest gig at the Leeds Futurama festival in 1980, of which a clip is shown in 'Made in Sheffield'.They were a goth-tinged post-punk band, based in Sheffield, England, that had roots in a punk band called V4. After the morph into I'm So Hollow in 1979, the band took cues from the likes of Wire and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Prior to making their first recording, guitarist Rod Leigh, bassist Gary Marsden, drummer Joe Sawicki, and vocalist/keyboardist Jane Wilson were profiled in the NME as part of an article devoted to the Sheffield scene. Though they never released much of anything on their own, their material did show up on a batch of compilations. "I Don't Know" appeared alongside songs by Vice Versa, the Stunt Kites, and Clock DVA on 1980: The First Fifteen Minutes, an EP released by Neutron in February of 1980. Another recording, "Touch," was issued on Bouquet of Steel, a compilation of Sheffield bands released by Aardvark in June of 1980. Hicks From the Sticks (which also featured the likes of Medium Medium, Wah! Heat, and Modern Eon) was another package that featured the band. Prior to breaking up, the band released this downloadable single (clear vinyl) on Hollogram and a LP, Emotion/Sound/Motion, on Illuminated in 1981.

A1 Dreams To Fill The Vacuum
B1 Distraction

Hollogram Records ISH 001/002