domenica 29 giugno 2008

Underground Life - Noncurance/Black-Out! (7'' 1979)

Underground Life borned in 1977, during the punk era, founded by the drummer Lorenzo LaTorre. Giancarlo Onorato, the well-known leader of the band, joined last. In 1979 was printed their first 45, 'Noncurance/Blackout!' on Ivoire, exposed in the shop windows of the London Rough Trade as “italian punk rock”. Just few years later they will be totally involved in the Italian New Wave sounds.


A1 Noncurance
B1 Blackout


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Geoff Leigh - The Chemical Bank (7'' 1979)

Geoff Leigh (born 5 October 1945) is an English jazz and progressive rock musician, playing primarily soprano sax and flute. He was a member of the English avant-garde rock group Henry Cow and founded several bands himself, including Red Balune, Random Bob, Black Sheep, Mirage, and Ex-Wise Heads.

This 7'' was recorded and mixed June 1979 at Sunrise Studios, Kirchberg.


A1 Shah Of Iran
A2 The Chemical Bank
A3 Black Metal Twist
B1 Psychotropic GangLions
B2 Starshooters


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sabato 28 giugno 2008

Kirlian Camera - Heldenplatz (7'' 1987)

Kirlian Camera
are the historical pioneers of the Italian electronic scene. Active since 1977, the band has published its self-titled debut in 1981. The early records contain a mix of synth pop and new wave/dance songs, while towards the end of the 1980s' Kirlian Camera's music has progressively become darker and darker, turning into a monumental electro-gothic sound. Nearly every release since then has explored different fields, from industrial to ambient, from experimental to drum 'n' bass. The mind of Kirlian Camera has always been Angelo Bergamini, other important members have been or still are Simon Balestrazzi (of T.A.C.), Gianluca Becuzzi (of Limbo), Emilia Lo Jacono and Elena Fossi. Kirlian Camera are well-known and respected in the European electronic scene a lot more than in Italy, where they remain mainly unknown. The band has collaborated with the likes of Dive, :Wumpscut:, Death In June, T.A.C., Limbo, and many others.


A1 Heldenplatz
B1 Burial

Virgin Dischi VIN 45228

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3 Minutes - Automatic Kids (7'' 1980)

Undaunted by the collapse of Ring O'Records and lack of chart success, Johnny Warman continued to work on his own sound and formed the group 3 Minutes, with Jeff Rich on Drums and Paul Martinez on Bass. Johnny states that the band's name came to him in a dream where he was told "you shall be called Three Minutes" although now Johnny jokes that the band lasted about as long. 3 Minutes toured supporting The Vapors for 24 dates and XTC for 6 dates. The group disbanded after releasing this single in 1980 on Rocket Records, XPRESS 40 "Automatic Kids"/"Future Fun" which to date was Johnny's most widespread release seeing releases in Great Britain, France, West Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal. Although 3 Minutes has disbanded after only one single the door was now open at Rocket for more solo releases in 1981.


A1 Automatic Kids
B1 Future Fun

The Rocket Record Company 6000 487

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venerdì 27 giugno 2008

OTO - Anyway (12'' 1984)

OTO were from Nancy (France), the band was constituted by Pascal Hubert (Bass & Vocals), Farid Dahalb (Drums & Vocals) and François Rousseau (Guitar). They also recorded a lp 'Purge an urge' in 1986 on Madrigal label and appeared on compilations like 'Nancy' (1986) and the cd 'Return Of The Banshee' (1995).

This 12'' was originally released with a banderole (that i own)..thanks to Echo Frau for my copy. Really thank you my dear.


A1 Anyway
B1 Bats
B2 Bad Boy

Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier DSA 54501

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giovedì 26 giugno 2008

Les Provisoires - Dis-moi, Dis-moi Dis-moi (7'' 1987)

Les Provisoires were a french post punk/cold wave band, with some late garage influences.They started recording a 7'' split with Masoch in 1982, then they recorded a full-lenght in 1984, 'Loin de la plage' on L'invitation au suicide. This 7'' was recorded in 1987 in Remaximum Studio and produced by Robin Wills; the last step of their career was 'Mother' maxi on Contorsion label. Is already annunced a cd compilation on Brouillard Definitif, so simply stay tuned!


A1 Dis-moi, Dis-moi, Dis-moi
B1 Dark Star

Not On Label L1

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mercoledì 25 giugno 2008

Mecánica Popular - ¿Qué sucede con el tiempo? (LP 1984)

Great synth-industrial Spanish duo (Luis Delgado and Eugenio Muñoz) originally released on now-defunct Spanish music label Discos Radioactivos Organizados (DRO) in 1984, then also reprinted in 1989 by Discos EG.


A1 Impresionistas 1
A2 La Edad Del Bronce
A3 Impresionistas 2
A4 Quiero Irme
A5 Siempre Tu
A6 Modelos Existentes
A7 Estado Sólido
B1 Galilea: Centro De Datos
B2 Daguerrotipo
B3 Ambrotipo
B4 Plenilunio
B5 Maquinas Y Procedimientos


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Virgin Prunes / Higsons, The - Jigsaw Mentallama / The Lost And The Lonely (7'' 1981)

Free flexi-disc that came with Vinyl Magazine #9. "Jigsaw Mentallama" version from Virgin Prunes is slightly different to the version on the "Over the Rainbow" album


A1 Virgin Prunes - Jigsaw Mentallama
B1 The Higsons - The Lost And The Lonely

Vinyl Magazine V 9

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Twisted Nerve - Caught In Session (7'' 1982)

A classic single from Twisted Nerve who originally formed in 1978 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They first appeared on Playlist Record's first release, the "Mint Sauce For The Masses" compilation e.p. with 2 tracks "Neutral Zone" and "Vertigo".
This was Twisted Nerve's first release in their own name and the 3rd release on Playlist Records. This session was recorded at the BBC Studios on 17/18th October 1981 and broadcasted on the John Peel Programme, November 2nd and 16th


A1 When I'm Alone
B1 Never Say Goodbye
B2 Indecision

Playlist Records Play 3

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Brygada Kryzys - Centrala / The Real One (7'' 1982)

Brygada Kryzys is one of the most important and most influential Polish rock/wave bands. Founded in 1981 by two already well-known musicians and composers from Warsaw - Robert Brylewski - guit., voc. (previously Kryzys) and Tomasz Lipiński - guit., voc. (previously Tilt).


A1 Centrala
B1 The Real One

Tonpress S-442

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venerdì 13 giugno 2008

Radio Stranger show 11/06/2008

Another great show online on the Radio Stranger website, as always available for free and compiled by Echo Frau,the mastermind of Brouillard Definitif label.

So on the 11th there will be a last show - a final dedicated to martial punk/post punk with some classics but also some more darksides-alternative projects.

Tune in the last time!

Here's the tracklist

Death In June We Drive East Heaven Street 12'' New European Recordings 1981
Siekiera Idziemy Na Skraj Nowa Aleksandria LP Tonpress 1986
Len Liggins Cleaning Up Your Factory A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' AAZ
Soviet War Nuthouse V.A. No Big Business 2 LP Anything But Records 1983
Twisted Nerve Never Say Goodbye Caught In Session 7'' Playlist Records 1982
Feud Suffer To Load But Once mLP Feud Records 1984
Forward Music Quintet I will not apologise The Mystery Of A Dying Species 12'' Forward Music Organisation 1983
Clock Dva Brigade Various – 1980 : The First Fifteen Minutes 7'' Neutron Records 1979
Crisis Holocaust Holocaust/U.K. 12'' Action Group Records/Ardkor Records 1979
1919 Giant Earth Song 12'' Abstract Sounds 1984
Ban Ela Danca Alva Luz alma dorida mLP EMI 1984
Vex It's no crime Sanctuary 12'' Fight Back Records 1984
Dau al Set I love you V.A. Ephemere vol.2 12'' Radio FMR 1985
Cold War The Machinist The Machinist 7'' Namedrop Records 1983
Joy of Life Standing Enjoy New European Recordings 1985

You just need to click on Podcast and select 11 June 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (11.06.08)

lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Brouillard Definitif Newsletter

Ok, now we need yr help..due to some technical problems happened in the passage to the new version, all the conctacts saved in the BD Newsletter are lost (more than 2500 members).

My advice is that everybody that is a lover of the Cold Wave sounds should register her/himself to the newsletter, to keep an eye open on the new releases - it is very easy, simply click on the link below and then go to the NEWSLETTER section, then add yr name/nickname + email and that's all.


Hope all of you will do it, and please, continue to buy the records and support the small labels!

Peter M.