lunedì 21 aprile 2008

Inflatable Boy Clams - Inflatable Boy Clams (2x7'' 1981)

Inflatable Boy Clams were Carol Detweiler (also member of Voice Farm and Pink Section), JoJo Planteen, Judy Gittelsohn (Pink Section member too) and Genvieve Boutet de Monvel. The record was produced on Subterrean Records by Myke Reilly of Voice Farm.


A1 Skeletons
B1 Snoteleks
C1 Marin
C2 I'm Sorry
D1 Boystown

Subterranean Records SUB 20

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domenica 20 aprile 2008

CCC CNC NCN - Live 1-5-91 Forte Prenestino (K7 1991)

Anonymous noise/performance collective from Torino, Italy. Spawning from the anarchic/antagonist underground scene, CCC CNC NCN combine an extreme old school industrial sound with conceptual records and live shows about unpopular topics, such as suicide as extreme choice of freedom, mass control and oppression.


Tracklist features "Proclama Della Fame Delle Genti", "Dolce Rosso Calice", and other two unreleased tracks.


sabato 19 aprile 2008

The Higher Primates - The Higher Primates (7'' 1980)

Minimal synth pearl 7'', a big classic for collectors of this kind of music. In 2007 Annalogue Records also released a great compilation, 'Echoes from Our Past', that includes an unreleased track of Higher Primates. So simply run and buy it.

Anna 009

Produced By Nick Brown, 1980 Irresponsible Music BMI.
Cover design: Penelope Brown.


A1 Taking In The Summer
B1 Living In A Vacuum

Tekno Tunes LES-035

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Units - High Pressure Days / Cannibals (7'' 1979)

This is the first and self-produced 7'' from The Units, a classical synth-punk band from San Francisco. It was out as a private release and it comes in plain white sleeve with "Units" stamped in blue on front.


A1 High Pressure Days
A2 Cannibals
B1 Work
B2 Cowboy

Not On Label

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mercoledì 16 aprile 2008

Various - VM Quattro (K7 1985)

This tape was released along with the italian underground fanzine VM and is a split between 2 interesting dark wave/post punk bands, Dead Relatives and Tribal Noise. Simply listen it and tell me what do you think about.


A1-Dead Relatives - Intro
A2-Dead Relatives - Dead's Firstborn
A3-Dead Relatives - Feather Tranquille
A4-Dead Relatives - Mars
A5-Dead Relatives - With Dog And Dame
B1-Tribal Noise - Città In Fiamme
B2-Tribal Noise - Tenebre Veloci Su Bologna
B3-Tribal Noise - Resisti!
B4-Tribal Noise - Inferno Senza Respiro


martedì 15 aprile 2008

The Stupid Set - You Guys Don't Exist! (CD 2006)

The Stupid Set are simply one of my fav bands coming from Italy. It was 1980, Stupid Set - from Bologna - exorded with a 7'', 4 pieces of pure electronic experimentation, including a cover of "Hello I Love You" of the Doors. It started the journey between avant-garde and electronic minimalist for the band formed by Giampiero Huber (Gaznevada), with the complicity of Paul Bazzani (Rusk Und Brusk), Giorgio Lavagna (Gaznevada) and Fabio Sabbioni. After this 7'' inch they recorded a pair of 12 inches for Mmmh Records, while a year later, the prevailing dark electronica wave noise, saw the band protagonist of "Hear The Rumble" in the company of Henry Serotti (Confusional Quartet). "Soul Trade" however was the title of a very ambitious project, which put into practice the cut-up memory of Burroughs. The album was never published and the group saw the departure of Fabio, who lately formed the Hi-Fi Bros. So they started the project "Psycho Disc", which was represented live in the summer of 1982. It was a multimedia show, in the early' 80s these forms of entertainment were quite unusual and "bizarre". It came shortly after the end of the group, which carved a dance version of a piece of "Psycho Disc", which for the occasion took the title "Do not Be Cold In The Summer Of Love."

Tracks 1,2,6,8 from "Hello I Love You" 7'' 1980 on Italian Records
Tracks 3 and 7 from "Soft Parade" 12'' 1981 on MMMH Records
Track 4 from "Stupid Set / Marconi Connection" Split 12'' 1981 on MMMH Records
Track 5 from "Hear The Rumble" 12'' 1983 on Night Elephant
Track 9 is unreleased from 'Soul Of Trade' 1982
Track 10 is unreleased from 'Psycodisco' 1982


1 - Hello I love You
2 - S.W. Digestion
3 - Louie Louie
4 - Rangoon patrol
5 - Hear the Rumble
6 - Relaxin'
7 - Basset
8 - Ritah
9 - Laim Foam
10 - Psycho Disco Abstract
11 - Untitled

Astroman Astro 005


lunedì 14 aprile 2008

Confusional Quartet - ST (CD 1999)

Reissue of works from from 1980-81 by this Italian group. "Futurism with its dynamic force, youthful spirit, attention to innovation and a bit of Italian histrionism; the sixties with their hopeful and playful atmosphere and their crisp and catchy music; Italy with its beautiful sun, beaches, Mediterranean brightness and laxity; minimalism with its focus on the deepness of details; all the things happening in Bologna in the late seventies, among some of the newest and most creative experiences in film, performance, fashion and music. With these elements and a strong, confessed musical influence of an unlikely pair like Area and Devo some of the freshest and most original music ever was produced by the Confusional Quartet (Lucio Ardito, bass guitar; Gianni Cuoghi, drums; Enrico Serotti, electric guitar; Marco Bertoni, keyboards), with the help of the inventive craftmanship of their sound engineer Gianni Gitti. Composed as short, fast changing miniatures with crazy rhythms and outstandingly playful and catchy tunes, blending diverse musical genres, very nicely arranged and enriched by a creative use of the recording studio, the 24 pieces collected in this disc represent their almost complete recorded output (including alternative versions and a previously unpublished piece) and show a musical maturity which is quite amazing for a group in which three members out of four were at the time still under 18!"

The tracks 1-13 were originally released on 'Confusional Quartet' LP (1980), the tracks 14-20 on 'Confusional Quartet' EP (1981), tracks 21-23 on 'Documentario' Flexi (1981) and the track 24 is unreleased.


1 Orinoco Blues
2 Paranoisa
3 Flas
04 XXX?
05 Trallà Papppà
06 Bologna Rock
07 Pensione Elastica
08 Guerra in Africa
09 Nebdo Zip
10 Beguine sulla Luna
11 Volare
12 Swing
13 Voulez-vous De La Canne Au Sucre?
14 Dlin Dlon Cow Boy
15 Samba Paperino
16 Plastic City Dinamic
17 Cinzano
18 1Sigla
19 4Sigla
20 6Sigla
21 Pronipoti
22 Pubblicità
23 Cosè???
24 Moda Kermesse



sabato 12 aprile 2008

Various - Paranoise Volume 1 (CD 1995)

Gothic/industrial compilation released by the German magazine Paraneuja, distributed by Discordia with cat# 1994.


01 Clair Obscur - Tirésias
02 La Floa Maldita - Cécité Étoilé
03 Still Silent - TV God
04 Artwork - Spiel Ohne Grenzen
05 Common Spring - Nightingale's Complaint
06 Merlons Of Nehemiah, The - Testaroche
07 House Of Usher, The - Stars Fall Down (When Gods Awake)
08 Chandeen - Mourning Was Driven Ashore
09 Clair Obscur - Son Et Lumière
10 Mortal Constraint - Empty Eyes
11 Third Global Vagina Torture - Searching Of Gilgamesh
12 Legion - Deep White
13 Bel Am, The - Without Sense

Not On Label

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Iko - '83 (CDr Bootleg)

Iko was a minimal/synth/wave outfit from Canada. The most notable release by Iko is their LP simply titled "'83," which was released on a small Canadian disco label called Manhattan-Formula. It is a common mistake that the group's name is "Iko '83," however, it is just Iko. Not much is known about the group due to little information in their record sleeves and little to no traces of information about the label they released on.

The IKO personnel is as follows:
-Dax (synthesized harmonies & melodies, voice)
-U-Gen (triggered & synthesized melodies, voice)
-Zao (computed rhytm & bass, voice)

This cd-r bootleg comes with 2 extra tracks (9 and 10) that were never officially released.


01 Elevator
02 Gonadotropic Synthesis
03 Subway 49
04 Communication Off
05 Approach On Tokyo
06 Digital Delight
07 Model Type A
08 Radio Active Mist
09 Military Service
10 Surrender To The Dream

Not On Label

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Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron (CD 2005)

PSYCHOTRON, the vinyl cult album from the early 80's, is available again - this time as a CD. Schaltkreis Wassermann was the psychedelic electronic music project of Stella and PJ Wassermann in the eighties. The album 'Psychotron' reached the top ten of the English synthesizer charts.

More info about today's activities of Stella & PJ Wassermann at

The re-release of the album from 1981 includes 4 unreleased tracks.


01 Psychotron
02 Schwerkraft
03 Mutanten (Tanzen Rock'n'Roll)
04 Spaced Out
05 Gogogo
06 Mode
07 Danger Out Of Space
08 Weltraum-Boogie
09 Lux
10 Zeit und Raum
11 Space Shuttle
12 Hyperspace
13 WHY
14 Excursion

Hypermusic HD 21-2

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Coil - Porto (CD 2006)

An "authorised bootleg" recording of Coil's live performance on June 21st 2003 in Porto, Portugal.

The package, contained within a clear plastic wallet, includes one audio CD and one clear plastic CD-size disc with text printed onto it. Also included are printed acetates displaying biological micrographs in colour, and printed semi-transparent paper inserts containing single colour designs.

6 different editions exist with slightly different inserts and different colour printing on the clear plastic disc. Each of the 6 editions is limited to 100 numbered copies (making 600 copies total). The 6 editions, identified by the colour of the print on the single coloured paper inserts are: White, black, red, blue, pink, purple.

The line-up for the recorded show was also given on the Coil site, but does not appear on the release itself. Jhonn Balance does not appear on this recording.


1 Blue Rats
2 Triple Sun
3 Radio Westin
4 Drip Drop
5 The First Five Minutes After Death

Not On Label

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Coil / New Blockaders, The / Vortex Campaign - The Melancholy Mad Tenant (CD 2005)

In 1984 Vortex Campaign invited Coil and The New Blockaders to collaborate. The result, unofficially referred to as “Dolbied”, was released on cassette in an edition of 50. The release has since gone on to become legendary, showcasing two of the most influential groups in the scene at the early stages of their development. “The Melancholy Mad Tenant” is an authorised release, sanctioned by all three groups.
Tracks 1 and 2 were originally released on the "Dolbied" cassette (VC, Belgium 1984) in an edition of 50, track 3 originally released on the "Slaughter Of The Innocent" cassette (Private, UK 1983), track 4 is previously unreleased, track 5 is listed as previously unreleased on the cover, but was previously released, in a slightly shorter version, on the "Slaughter Of The Innocent" cassette (Private, UK 1983).

Edition of 500, including a special cloth bag edition of 100.


1 Coil / New Blockaders, The / Vortex Campaign - Untitled Collaboration
2 Coil / New Blockaders, The / Vortex Campaign - Untitled Collaboration
3 Vortex Campaign - Untitled
4 Vortex Campaign - The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 1
5 Vortex Campaign - The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 2

Black Rose Recordings BRCD 05-1007

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venerdì 4 aprile 2008

Camera Obscura - Destitution (7'', 1983)

Camera Obscura was formed in the winter of 1982 by Nigel James & Peter Oldroyd. Destitution' and 'Race in Athens' became the duo's first single on Small Wonder Records in the spring of 1983, followed by 'Village of Stars' b/w 'Insect' for the B-side, in London, at the Atmosphere studios on Wardour Street . These tracks were never released and sadly the masters have not survived.

Camera played live extensively at this time and they soldiered on into 1985 with a 4-piece line up (Gary Scargill and Rob Gospel were added) and the Quartet formed Paradise Now in '86. Nigel left in '87 and was replaced by Steve Wright from "Fiat Lux". Sadly the Band ended there. However, Camera Obscura never actually split up.


A1 Destitution
B1 Race In Athens

Small Wonder Records Small 28

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giovedì 3 aprile 2008

Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys (7'', 1978)

Patrik Fitzgerald was born Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald, in Stratford East London March 19 1956, of working-class Irish immigrant parents. After finishing school, he spent 3 years on the dole, one and a half year in an insurance office, three months in Co-op offices in Stratford and six months with the Civil Services. He started recording and performing with the uprising of the punk movement in 1977, after working 9 months as an actor and musican in the Soapbox Theatre in Stratford. He auditioned for London SS with Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X) in 1975.

Early songs were generally short, sarcastic efforts, recorded with just an acoustic guitar and occasional studio effect; lyrics contained large amount of social comment, brief and hard-hitting they made their point and then went home, not unlike Patrik himself... Patrik was soon regarded as an original of his genre, somewhere between a punk-poet and an urban folksinger. The early recordings (3 EPs) were released by Small Wonder.


A1 Buy Me, Sell Me
A2 Little Dippers
B1 Trendy
B2 The Backstreet Boys

Small Wonder Records Small Six

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