lunedì 27 luglio 2009

Beware to user 'scientronic' (discogs, ebay,etc)

I'm very unhappy to hear that my dear friend Monica (you may know her through the room Guerre Froide on Slsk) was betrayed by the user scientronic on discogs, that we suppose he was a serious person.

First of all, she payed 300 euro with a bank transfer, to ship with a registered letter, that he never sent or at least he never provided the registered code we asked for 3 weeks.

Second, he asked 200 euro more, to 'repare' to the 'damage' sending other 3 records to her.....(the same records that were never shipped out, yes)

There are 2 options:

1)He should provide the registered letter code to proof the shipping

2) Ship the 3 records that he NEVER shipped out and provide the registered code

I had a discussion with this guy also on private mail on discogs, i can post everything if somebody needs to know more and that i am telling the truth.

As i had thousands of transactions with the mailorder, i can tell u all that i always keep the papers of the registered code, as everybody does but not him, it seems. Also you can always go to the Post Office and ask for a copy of the registered paper, they always keep a receipt, do a copy or give just the number with the date of shipping.

thanks to a french friend of mine, i found out that scientronic username is no longer registered also on Ebay, with a percent of 93,5% which is really really bad

and in discogs it seems is not better the situation:

I had the occasion to talk with other persons on Minimal Wave and Robots for Robots Forums and they were betrayed too, so take care!

Alessandro/Mannequin Mailorder

martedì 14 luglio 2009

Coil - Live Three CD 2003

I saw Coil live 3 times and this was the first. Probably one of their best live performance ever.

The live was recorded on April 6, 2002 at Teatro delle Celebrazioni in Bologna, Italy. Track listing on the cover is missing track 6, "Paranoid Inlay".

"This documents a Spring 2002 show performed in Bologna. It was an interesting period for Coil performances, as Thighpaulsandra temporarily left the line-up to tour with Spiritualized. To make up for his noticeable absence, Peter and John enlisted Mike York and Cliff Stapleton to fill in with hurdy-gurdy and Breton pipes. This new, exotic instrumentation adds an unstable, organic element to the performance that works well with the setlist chosen for these shows. The disc opens with the ritualized workout of "Anarcadia: All Horned Animals." If you've heard The Remote Viewer EP, these ethnic-inflected drones will sound very familiar, not entirely dissimilar from Taj Mahal Travellers or The Magic Carpathians at their most psychedelic. "Amethyst Deceivers" is here again, one of four slightly variant versions available in the box set. The classic track "Slur" from Horse Rotorvator is given a faithful rendition, but Balance's voice is not quite equal to the job of singing this one, and Marc Almond's backing vocals are sorely missed. Balance dedicates "A Cold Cell" to all the prisoners of the world, as well as those "in prisons of their own making." It's always been a haunting song, and the live version enhances its lonely, melancholic atmosphere. Track six is an accomplished recreation of "Paranoid Inlay" from Musick To Play in the Dark 2, even though the tracklisting on the back of the digipack omits it completely. "Sick Mirrors (Version)" is a meditation on the concept of remote viewing utilizing dense Middle Eastern melodies. The song seamlessly segues into a frighteningly intense version of "A.Y.O.R.," the second of three songs in this set that may have been destined for Coil's long-promised-but-never-delivered Nothing Records album, now referred to as The World Ended a Long Time Ago. "Backwards" ends the set, a joyous psychosexual EBM bacchanalia, with Balance uttering some of his most transgressive lyrics: "Fuck me in reverse/Normal is perverse/Everything's backwards." This disc would be perfect were it not for a rather nagging problem with the mixing, which seems to favor Balance's vocals and pushes much of the music into a muddy, nebulous background. Even with the technical difficulties, Live Three is an essential chronicle of one of Coil's most inspired shows." 

Jonathan Dean, Brainwashed

1 Anarcadia: All Horned Animals (6:54)
2 Amethyst Deceivers (7:46)
3 Slur (5:48)
4 A Cold Cell (6:25)
5 Broccoli (9:15)
6 Paranoid Inlay (8:08)
7 Sick Mirrors (Version) (8:49)
8 A.Y.O.R. (6:46)
9 Backwards (15:22)

Threshold House LOCI CD20


Marbre Noir - Salvation Rites 12'' 1986

Marbre Noir is the name of an Italian Gothic rock band who came out with a 4- track album in 1986 titled “Salvation Rites", its a classic of the italian dark wave / gothic scene, embellished by the ethereal voice of Francesca Luce.

Recorded at Gulliver Master Studios, Rome, September 1986. It includes a insert.

A1 Earth Under Feet (4:13)
A2 Love Broke Through (3:47)
B1 Salvation Rites (6:25)
B2 Mirrors (3:53)

Mantra Records DM 86001


lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Again, news from labels

Ok, here we are with incoming releases:

- Eleven Pond “Bas Relief” LP (Dark Entries Records)

Dark Entries Records is proud to announce the reissue of the debut album by Eleven Pond. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single LP in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound–a merging of post punk’s dark dance and synthpop’s melodic arrangements–reflected the originality of gifted songwriters who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records.
In cooperation with the band members, the entire album has been remastered from the original 2-track analogue masters by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.
The recordings on this release comprise the band’s entire recorded output and the LP includes an original insert including photos, lyrics and liner notes.

- Brigade Internationale - Regard Extreme LP (Eirkti)

Originally released in tape 25 years ago, it still remains one of the finest exemplars of the French coldwave scene. Brigade Internationale, an obscure act formed in 1982 really shook the scene right from its foundations by exposing it to their dark-mannered claustrophobic syntheses. To which track should we really draw our attention? ‘First Time’?, ‘Normal Night’?, ‘In Obscurity’?, ‘Le desert des tortures’? To which other really, if not all? An extensive synthesis composed of fearful trombonnes, profound bass-rhymes, intense dark synths executing minimalistic maneuvers in all. Finally, after all these years the group’s magnificent material is released in a proper format ready to re-construct cold ambiences and re-vitalize memories as per their concept of rebellious act against political totalitarianism and unjustifiable violence (Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it..). Eirkti is finally ready for this strictly limited edition of 500 copies including a special info-card.

Pre orders:

Necropolis of Love - The Hope EP 1984

The band came together in 1981 in Berkeley, California as the brainchild of Peter Vinella, who had just finished a brief stint as bassist for Public Image Ltd. Tim Hesla joined in as bassist and whenever circumstances required, saxophonist.
And Dave 'Slave' Velasquez, a local from the Berkeley punk scene came in looking for a challenge and a change of pace...joined as vocalist.

In the six years that NOL played together they released two singles (the first being pressed by a french label Rouen Records) and one album called ' the Hope', here ripped. NOL toured quite a bit in California, often playing in the Los Angeles area at venues like the Lhasa Club, the Anti-Club -and becoming a favorite for such underground clubs such as 'the Theoretical Club'.

A1 Talk
A2 Done & Gone
A3 The Tunnel
B1 Dance
B2 Catsong

Thumb Records


domenica 12 luglio 2009

Minox - Lazare LP 1986

Minox debut album from 1986 is atmosphere and refinement, melody and instinct, produced by Steven Brown from Tuxedomoon and was released to great critical and public acclaim throughout Europe. This edition includes "Suite Maniacal" taken from the 7". Concerned with melody, synth textures, moody cinematic and theatrical ambience (Minox also composed for the theater), and an avant-garde tendency to mix genres, Minox is difficult to categorize. 'Lazare' includes both solo piano pieces ("Theme for Two") and complex compositions ("Suite Maniacal"), and should appeal to fans of `80s synth bands as well as those of minimal yet artfully balanced soundscapes.

A1 Purgatoryo
A2 Preludio
A3 Hybrid (Of A Light Laugh)
B1 Lazare
B2 Psiche

Industrie Discografiche Lacerba Lacer 09


Les Provisoires - Loin De La Plage LP 1984

And here's their full-lenght album, released in 1984 on L'invitation au suicide.

Released with a 8 paged booklet including photo's and text in French and English. Recorded at Studio S.D.H., Rouen


A1 Ask (To) The Woman
A2 Nice Guys
A3 Loin De La Plage
A4 Any Cult
A5 Waiting For War
B1 Last Tango
B2 Urban Fear
B3 So Closed
B4 The Sense Of Doubt
B5 Quiet Room

L'Invitation Au Suicide SD 2


Les Provisoires - Mother 12'' 1984

Another post on the french wave band Les Provisoires, from Montpellier.

A1 Mother
A2 In Love
B1 So Much More
B2 On A Clear Day

Contorsion CNT.004


Lou Champagne System - No Visible Means LP 1984

Lou Champagne System was an One Man Band From Oakville / Ontario Area. Popular in the Mid 80's TO club scene and University Campus Radio across Canada, the Lou Champagne System was a big hit in Europe, particularly Germany. Lou is a one man guitar synthesizer solo act that plays dark, heavy, original electronic rock.
When Lou performs solo he operates switches and pedals on the floor while playing some keyboards and his guitar and it sounds like a whole band. Lou also plays with Wild Abandon (Russ Watson and Tony Wachnuick) and The Scientists (Brian Docherty and Tony Wachnuick) most lately in the Hamilton area.

A1 Don't Say I'm Here
A2 Broken Hearts
A3 Propaganda Frustration
A4 Selling So Sweet
A5 Another Dimension
B1 Do Something
B2 Invisible Prisons
B3 Machine Muzik
B4 Silent Walking

Pterodactyl Records PR 001-01


domenica 5 luglio 2009

East Wall - Eyes Of Glass 12'' 1985

Band of Fabrizio Chiari (ex keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and produced by Charlie Mallozzi (already involved in Kirlian Camera). Angelo Bergamini collaborated to the 12" Eyes Of Glass, that became hit-single in Germany

A legend, simply. Found yesterday for a very cheap price, togheter with their CD from beginning of 90's, will post it also later.


A Eyes Of Glass (Vocal) (7:00)
B Eyes Of Glass (Instrumental) (7:05)

No Comment NC011


Various - Ekhnatòn - Ricerca Italiana Semplice Numero Uno LP 1984

Great italian industrial-experimental compilation on light-blue vinyl, it includes a large insert.

A1 Maze 1066 - L'Amico Americano 
A2 Maze 1066 - Anche Il Limite Ha Una Pazienza
A3 Tasaday - Un Si Funeste Desir 
A4 Tasaday - Vai Troppo Spesso A Wuppertal 
B1 Evitaxal - Piz Buin 
B2 Evitaxal - Gemini 
B3 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Torna La Dea Al Suo Tempio
B4 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - Siamo D'Argilla

Multiple Configuration, ADN 984 ITA 1, DLL 002 R


Militia - Folk II 12'' 1985

Militia born officially in late '82 in Perugia/ Italy when a post-punk band called Lo Noize, formed in 1979, disbanded. Founder members feature Dario BAVICCHI (keyboards, electronics, guitar and vocals), Fabrizio CROCE (rhythms, electronics and vocals) and Giovanni ROMUALDI (guitars). Bass player were, in chronological appearance, Augusto CROCE (late founder of Aidons la Norvege), Nicoletta VINTI (late in London with The Passions and with Trans-global Underground original line-up), Claudio CASTRINI, Andrea CONVERSANO (a long-time member of the band), Arlo BIGAZZI (solo-artist and founder of Materiali Sonori Label) and Aroldo TOCCACELI. Without a bass player the three remaining members are still continuing in 2006 as open line-up featuring part-time collaborators. Along a three-decades career many famous international artists worked with Militia: californian violin player Blaine REININGER of Tuxedo Moon fame; german poli-strumentist Chris KARRER, founder member of legendary Amon Duul II (a two-years collaboration with him following "Dunarobba"); japanese d.j./composer Nobukazu TAKEMURA; british multi-ethnic combo TRANS-GLOBAl UNDERGROUND; american avant-garde composer David SHEA; english experimentalists O YUKI CONJUGATE. So as many italian artists and musicians took part to their projects: trumpet player Cristian BITTARELLI (long time partner of the band); poli-strumentist Roberto LANERI (founder in early '70's of legendary vocal ensemble Prima Materia and collaborator in early '80's of Peter Gabriel); percussionist Stefano Saletti (founder member of Novalia); soprano-vocalist Paola CHIURULLA; vocalists Sabrina CARLETTI and Elena OKECHUKWU; trombone and shells player Antonio COATTI (founder member of Ella Guru and Shell Vibes); cello player Damiano PULITI (former-member of Harmonia Ensemble); etno-musicologist and poli-strumentist Giancarlo PALOMBINI; electronic act GOVINDA; singer/interpreter of the Jewish tradition Enrico FINK; deejays RALF, LOVECALO', Simone FABBRONI and MAFFIA SOUND-SYSTEM (residents at the same name Club in Reggio Emilia, the european temple of Drum 'n Bass). Since 1996 Militia started to work for avant-garde Theatre (with director/actor Carlo BRUNI e with group TEATRO DI SACCO, whose former-member Roberto BISELLI projected with them "La crociata dei bambini", a musical-theatre opera inspired on classic Marcel Schwob novel), Cinema (with director Massimo MARTELLA in his second film "La prima volta) and visual arts (with dutch video-makers TWO THINGS in the multimedia piece "4.48" inspired on Sarah Kane text, commissioned by international Festival Cartoombria). At the end of the 90's they started a series of "soundtracks for Spoken word" CD's: their "Elvengamello" project involved among the others director Pupi AVATI, french actor Philippe LEROY, Werner Herzog films german producer Walter SAXER and contemporary composer Salvatore SCIARRINO; later, "Above Pesaro" was a musical project based on the same name poem written and read by irish author Macdara WOODS. Live activity of Militia developed between 1984 and 1992 with tours in Germany (they played at Berlin's alternative temple KOB, then celebrated in Wim Wenders masterwork "Der himmel uber Berlin") and in Holland and concerts all over italy; they performed in the most representative italian Clubs and billed in the most important Festivals of that period, contributing to start an italian "new-wave" scene (together with well-known bands as Diaframma, Litfiba, CCCP, Moda, Neon, Ritmo tribale, ecc.). They shared the stage as with italian bands (among the others Take 4 doses, Weimar gesang, Violet eves, Dirty kids, No fun, Savage circle) and authors (Mauro Giovanardi, former-member of La crus, Francois R.Cambuzat, Grazia Di Michele, Goran Kuzminac. Roberto Ciotti) as with international artists (ECM norwegian guitaristTerje Rypdal, chilean group Inti Illimani, singer/authors Patrick Fitzgerald and Mary Kelley, english indie-bands Breathless and Artery, german combat/folksters Subway to Sally). During the career they received sincere appreciation worldwide (reviews, interviews, radio airplay). In 1991 they entered in the annual "favourite bands"-top ten reader's playlist for one of the main italian musical magazines (Rockstar); "Dunarobba" awarded "album of the year" playlist on english magazine Audion as on italian one Rockerilla; "La crociata dei bambini" appeared again in the annual playlist of Rockerilla. The specialized press had always a positive approach into their music. Among their “unofficial” supporters are Richard Sinclair, founder member of Canterbury band Caravan, american composer Terry Riley and legendary mysterious band The Residents, whose members wanted some copies of "Dunarobba" for its diffusion in the radio-stations of southern California. At the end of the '80's Militia started a partnership with Materiali Sonori label, the oldest italian "indie", and with his founders, brothers Giampiero and Arlo Bigazzi (producer and collaborator for "Dunarobba" and "Elvengamello"): since then the label issued the whole discography of the band. Militia members too contributed to some productions of Materiali sonori ("Marco Polo" project, featuring David Sylvian and Roger Eno among the others, solo album of Tv entertainer Claire Ann Matz, an album of experimental group Doubling riders, all the "Drop" series albums); as remixers they used the nickname of Grifo Kings and work on their own and other label artists material. In early '80 they owned with a group of friends a legendary alternative Club called Suburbia in Perugia suburbs. Fabrizio Croce is a.k.a D.j. Fofo: he selected two compilations for the "Drop" series (released by Materiali Sonori in 2000 and 2001) and since 1987 is the art director and the M.C. at Norman, an underground Club near Perugia (; New double C.D. "Namu / Namasthe + dathu" is out now.

A1 In Trionfo
A2 Echi
B1 Mare Crudele
B2 Ritmi

Contempo Records EP011


Art Fleury - L'Overdose 7'' 1980

Art Fleury was born in Brescia, Northern Italy, in the mid-seventies. They were still in their teens when they had the opportunity to open the concert of the group Area at the famous Parco Lambro Festival in Milan (1976), in front of fifty thousands people. In the following years they extensively toured and played with Henry Cow, and in 1980 they were finally able to produce and release their first record, “I luoghi del potere” (The places of power), which they started recording in 1977.

Superficially (or intentionally) included in the “Prog” genre, “I luoghi del potere” (originally conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary movie), is a very personal and radical experience, at times recalling Faust's free-form kraut riffing, or the industrial sound collages of Nurse With Wound. The music is articulated through an outstanding dynamic juxtaposition of instrumental parts, with frequent structural and harmonic fragmentations, and a diverse array of unusual sound elements: from a sort of brass-band progression to radio frequencies, from cacophonic intermezzos to expressionist tape-collage techniques. Through this free flow of sounds, only apparently casual, the group wanted to expose the alienation, the folly, the hopes and fears of their times, through a creative act that pushed to the limits their expressive means. they were still in their teens when they had the opportunity to open the concert of the group area at the famous parco lambro festival in milan (1976), in front of fifty thousands people.
very soon they joined the cooperativa l’orchestra, a milan-based collective enterprise of underground artists and musicians, very active and well known in italy during the seventies. In the following years they toured and played with henry cow, and in 1977 they changed their name to art fleury. in 1980, in bologna, they were finally able to produce and release their first record, "i luoghi del potere" (the places of power).
their affiliation with revolutionary groups of the radical left wing (they were part of lotta continua, a group of radical activists), gave their music a dimension that went beyond the artistic act, or the sheer provocation. their music, and the history of the group, is charged with the hopes and fears of the intense and somewhat dramatic season of the revolutionary ideal. In "i luoghi del potere", art fleury offer their hallucinated interpretation of that idea. the music is articulated through an outstanding dynamic juxtaposition of instrumental parts, with frequent structural and harmonic fragmentations, and a surprising range of unusual sound elements: from a sort of brass-band progression to radio frequencies, from cacophonic intermezzos to expressionist tapecollage techniques. through this free flows of sounds, only apparently casual, the group put on stage and exposed the alienation, the folly, the hopes and fears of the modern times, through a creative act that pushed to the limits their expressive means. Their uncompromising attitude towards the "music system" (the market, the establishment), was an additional way to remark the constant presence of power, which controls and pre-determines our individual choices: in this sense the "places of power" are not only the traditional places of social oppression (the factory, the city, the school, the politics), but also all the actions and mechanisms of the capitalistic system which controls music and art. Superficially (or intentionally) ascribed to the "progressive" genre, "i luoghi del potere" (originally conceived as the soundtrack of an imaginary movie), is in fact a very personal and radical experience, through which music becomes once again the vehicle for the re-appropriation of our personal sphere, and at the same time a chance to rethink the way we listen to music, out of any pre-ordered cultural, social or political context. in other words, out of the "places of power" which are still alive and active.

Augusto Ferrari (keyboards)
Maurizio Tomasoni (soprano sax, flute, clarinet)
Giangi Frugoni (guitars, bass)

Art Fleury on Myspace

A L'Overdose Part 1 2 3
B L'Overdose Part 4 5

Italian Records EXIT 705