martedì 25 settembre 2007

Degada Saf - No Inzro - MLP 1984

Experimental-wave from Castelfranco Veneto (Italy)

Another hidden pearl from Italy. Degada Saf played a synth-electronic music, a kind of involved no-disco with no-sense lyrics in esperanto. Their sound is very similar to the first period of Cabaret Voltaire and the synth-experimental bands from the 80's. Printed for the storic fanzine/label Rockgarage, famous for the series of compilations with Death In Venice, Frigidaire Tango, Diaframma, Fungwagen, 2+2=5.


A1 La Rumba de Shangai
A2 Ris du Fles
A3 Tri-banal
A4 Loda loda
B1 Zom Africa
B2 Poli Su Mis
B3 Om
B4 No Inzro

Rockgarage Records 1/1984

Direct Downoload

Thanks to Andreas Herz for the professional master audio quality ripping

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Anonimo ha detto...

yeah, this one is truly fckn great))
thnx again. would be grateful for more italian wave curiosities.

taras bulba, ukraine.