giovedì 29 maggio 2008

Radio Stranger show 28/05/2008

Another great show online on the Radio Stranger website, as always available for free and compiled by Echo Frau,the mastermind of Brouillard Definitif label.

Here's the tracklist

D-FIXION Che Swi Amuroes Detwoa demo autoprod. 1986
Jon Teknik Radio Station Intuitive Scientists EP CD Jonteknik music 2008
Moral Still Remaining And Life Is LP And Life Is LP Arp Grammofon
Hysterica Passio Alone Grey Over Life 12'' Fire in Heart 1982
Deo Toy Love Me Or Leave Me V.A. The Found Tapes LP Minimal Wave 2007
El Deux & Martin Kraft Computermädchen Nur für Mädchen LP Gold Record 1982
Die Unbekannten Don't Tell Me Stories Dangerous Moonlight 12'' Monogram 1983
Oi! The Robot Manifest Oi! V.A. Son of Oi! Syndicate 1983
Western Electrique Eh! Toi La Ville Riders in the sky 7'' autoprod. 1988
Perfect Strangers Fascination Fascination 12'' Godsongs 1984
Dream Unit A Drop in the Ocean 7''

Voice Farm Elevate Double Garage/Elevate 7'' Systematic Records 1981
Azul 29 Video Game Video Game 7'' Elektra 1984
Bill Bruce Changing 12''

You just need to click on Podcast and select 28 May 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (28.05.08)

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Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you very much for this hint, I am just extracting some very good and very rare songs from their shows. Definitely worth a listen.