venerdì 22 agosto 2008

Nausea - Vocal Expression (7'', 1981)

I would like to have myself more info about Nausea, from the few things that i have here it seems they are a half-italian half-belgian based in Brussels band on Sandwich Records, home of Pseudo Code, Polyphonic Size and Kaa Antilope (already ripped).

For this release Nausea were Giorgio S., Paolo S., Jean-Francois P.; the 7'' was produced by Nausea and Phil Wauquaire.


A Vocal Expression
B Killing Time

Sandwich Records SR08

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Anonimo ha detto...

This is truly wonderful. Sounding a little like the Gist, it has a very strong atmosphere sending you right back to the early 80s. I think the flip side is even better. Thanks for sharing!

marmalade ha detto...

So lovely. I want some more. thanks so much