sabato 13 settembre 2008

Mannequin Mailorder

Mannequin Mailorder is an indipendent mailorder, based in Rome - Italy. It was founded by Alessandro Adriani and Carlo Cassaro in July 2008 in order to distribute and spread material mostly from the Cold Wave, Dark Wave,Minimal Synth, Post Punk, Industrial, No Wave and Experimental area.
MM is the first and official italian distributor for the Italian Dark Wave label In the Night Time, the French Cold Wave label Brouillard Definitif, the German Minimal Wave label Annalogue Records and the American Indie/Wave label Words On Music.



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Thanks for all that's going on here. Just found you tonioght and I'm a happier guy for it. Dark day! Religious Overdose! Wow... Any chance of a reup on Flue and Leitmotiv...? Cheers!

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