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Various - Maskindans: Norsk synth 1980-1988 2CD

The new Hommage Records compilation CD "Maskindans: Norsk synth 1980-1988", is ready.

"Maskindans" is a double CD covering the synth scene of Norway in the 1980s. Most of the songs will be from 1982-1984, but there are tracks from every year between 1980 and 1988.

Disc One
01 Kito: Dildo Drumbop
02 Cirkus Modern: Besettelse
03 Clockwork Orange: Sensation Boys
04 Det Gylne Triangel: Maskindans
05 Beranek: Pictures And Paintings
06 Johnny Yen: Bodies In Motion
07 The Cut: Dance On Glass (7" version)
08 E-Man: Jeg Er Moderne
09 Bern Balders: The Alter-Ego Effect
10 Adrian Cox: Aegina (part 1)
11 Ole I'Dole: Space, Action, Sex og Blod
12 Krim U: Fra Min Drøm I Går
13 Ym:Stammen: Menneskene På Broene
14 Holy Toy: Down In Japan (12" version)
15 Boxbury Beat: Thunder And Lightning
16 Famlende Forsøk: (Tror Nok) Jeg Levde (Engang)
17 ExLex: Kast, Lek, Eventyr
18 Grå: Plastic (live 16/04/83)
19 Bel Canto: Flowerbeds
20 Svart Klovn: Knust Knekt
21 Bearburger: With Two Mouths Biting

Disc Two
01 Ulf Knudsen: Høstland
02 Thorbjørn Grønning: Europa
03 Vidar & Gærne: Pleide Å Våkne
04 Jørgen Knudsen: Between Staying And Going
05 Brød & Sirkus: Hvite Skygger
06 Downers: December Rain
07 Head Set Junta: Siste Tango
08 Den Tredje Generasjon: Sterk Som
09 Fra Lippo Lippi: Tap Dance For Scientists
10 Headcleaners: When Love Just Walks Away
11 Blue Mathue: Perfect Pictures
12 Jeg Falt: Safe Ground
13 White Lord Jesus: Showtime (live 14/07/84)
14 Mørkelagt Bevegelse: A Loss Of Memories
15 Horsemen: Mr. Sunrise
16 El: Visshet
17 3rd Man: Oral Pleasure
18 Guttene Fra Gokkohjørnet: Ikke Vær Redd
19 Im Nebel: Blind Ekstase
20 PLX 15: Cellolåta

The discs come housed in two digipaks, with large boklet, inside a slipcase, and the package is available from January 2009.

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Anonimo ha detto...

I was wondering when they were going to put it out.

Anonimo ha detto...

This looks pretty interesting. My musical world's been pretty limited most of my life, and i've always wanted to hear how people in other countries "interpret" music--that's the best way I can think of putting it. And if I can't understand the language, well...then the voice becomes even more instrumentlike. Thanks for putting all of this up.