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The Gentry - Fragments Of Truth LP 1984

The Gentry were one of the last bands stemming from the so-called punk movement in Wormer, Holland. Their music was somewhat different from the most well known bands from Wormer, such as The Ex, Svätsox and Zowiso. Whereas these bands were influenced by The Gang of Four, Crass and The Fall, the Gentry chose to play music that was more akin to the likes of Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen.

After the release of the first LP Fragments of Truth, The Gentry were ‘discovered’ by legendary BBC-dj John Peel, who at the time (1984) also had a radio show in Holland. The airplay by Peel resulted in proper sales of the first album. The Gentry’s second album Solitary (1986) arrived at Peel’s desk just a day after his final Dutch broadcast. Because of missing Peel’s airplay in Holland the sales of this LP were low.

While there were plans for a third LP, lack of money forced The Gentry to release Growing Up Absurd (1988) as a cassette. Its music shifted more towards punk rock under the influence of American bands as Husker Du, Sonic Youth and The Wipers. In 1991 The Gentry recorded its final demo. A set of new songs was written, with The course of days and On the margins of essence as highlights. The songs were not officially released. In september that year The Gentry ceased to exist.

Original members Hans Postel (vocals), Laurens Vreedevoort (guitar), Louis Nagtegaal (bass) and André Berkhout (drums) met again in 2007 and decided to start to write new songs again. Nowadays The Gentry have a fifth member: Marco Siderius (guitar, synthesizer). Plans for a new CD are in the making. Though its musical direction is yet hard to describe, it is likely that The Gentry’s music will be more diverse than in the past.

You can find more info here:

All songs by The Gentry
Hans - Vocals
Laurens - Guitar/Strings
Luis - Bass
André - Drums

Recorded by Patrick at "Oktopus", Amsterdam, 27th, 28th, 29th, 31th, of august and the 5th of september 1984.
Produced by Patrick and The Gentry.

Thanks: Ferrie, Patrick, Alain, Pater, Ben, Zowiso, Jan, Joop.

A1 All The Faceless People
A2 Mortal Ride
A3 The Threat
A4 Fragments Of Truth
A5 After The Fact
B1 Indifference
B2 Escape
B3 Senses
B4 Too Many Of You
B5 Visions Of A Landscape

Enclosure Productions ENC002


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Hi there, we, The Gentry, do not mind if you give people the possibility to download our music, but please include a link to our official website:
So please enjoy the msuic, but also enjoy the website!
Luis, The Gentry