mercoledì 18 agosto 2010

Marcie's Still Waiting - A Mysterious Song 12'' 1985

Marcie's Still Waiting were a German new wave band from Bochum, deeply influenced by the work of The Cure, but more cold wave oriented.

As far as i know, they only released two EP's, “A Mysterious Song" in 1985, that i found some days ago in Barcelona, and “Mirrors & Daydream” in 1986, plus an appearence in the compilation 'Rock Around Bochum' from 1988.

The 12'' was recorded and mixed at Mollycat Studio, Velbert-Langenberg. Drums played by "A good friend", not mentioned by name.

What i found is the first edition distributed by "Wishbone Records" (toy bear with drum)

A1 Mysterious Song
A2 Unique World
B1 66
B2 For You

Wishbone Records WM 85001


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bruno ha detto...

amazing share, love this band, thanks a lot for your wonderful blog.