lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Sixth June - Back For A Day 12'' EP MNQ 016

Mannequin is so happy to release under its wings one of the best talents in the minimal synth new scene that you better don’t miss.

We are talking about the serbian duo Sixth June – Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov – who are rising from the mostly unknown music scene in Belgrade but nowdays re-based in the analog paradise called Berlin.

Sixth June started their musical adventure back in 2007 and in their tracks you can let your heart listen their deep influence for everything that has a synthesizer sound and found its origin in the Eighties; the duo represents perfectly the two sides of the same coin, in fact while Laslo is producing obscure but expressive, powerful and danceable textures, on the back side the voice of Lidija is living the shape to a wobbling atmosphere you won’t escape from.

Their debut album “Everything” released on Genetic Music’s side label No EBM Blanc had got an enormous positive feedback from the Minimal Electronics-fans worldwidethey were playing live at BIM Belgian Fest 2010 in December 2010 togheter with Absolute Body Control, Portion Control, Twice A Man and many other amazing bands.

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.


A1 – Back For A Day
A2 – Today
A3 – Come Closer
B1 – Inside
B2 – 82

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SIXTH JUNE // Come Closer from theartof agency on Vimeo.

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