sabato 28 giugno 2008

Kirlian Camera - Heldenplatz (7'' 1987)

Kirlian Camera
are the historical pioneers of the Italian electronic scene. Active since 1977, the band has published its self-titled debut in 1981. The early records contain a mix of synth pop and new wave/dance songs, while towards the end of the 1980s' Kirlian Camera's music has progressively become darker and darker, turning into a monumental electro-gothic sound. Nearly every release since then has explored different fields, from industrial to ambient, from experimental to drum 'n' bass. The mind of Kirlian Camera has always been Angelo Bergamini, other important members have been or still are Simon Balestrazzi (of T.A.C.), Gianluca Becuzzi (of Limbo), Emilia Lo Jacono and Elena Fossi. Kirlian Camera are well-known and respected in the European electronic scene a lot more than in Italy, where they remain mainly unknown. The band has collaborated with the likes of Dive, :Wumpscut:, Death In June, T.A.C., Limbo, and many others.


A1 Heldenplatz
B1 Burial

Virgin Dischi VIN 45228

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