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Radio Stranger show 11/06/2008

Another great show online on the Radio Stranger website, as always available for free and compiled by Echo Frau,the mastermind of Brouillard Definitif label.

So on the 11th there will be a last show - a final dedicated to martial punk/post punk with some classics but also some more darksides-alternative projects.

Tune in the last time!

Here's the tracklist

Death In June We Drive East Heaven Street 12'' New European Recordings 1981
Siekiera Idziemy Na Skraj Nowa Aleksandria LP Tonpress 1986
Len Liggins Cleaning Up Your Factory A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' A Remedy For Bad Nerves 7'' AAZ
Soviet War Nuthouse V.A. No Big Business 2 LP Anything But Records 1983
Twisted Nerve Never Say Goodbye Caught In Session 7'' Playlist Records 1982
Feud Suffer To Load But Once mLP Feud Records 1984
Forward Music Quintet I will not apologise The Mystery Of A Dying Species 12'' Forward Music Organisation 1983
Clock Dva Brigade Various – 1980 : The First Fifteen Minutes 7'' Neutron Records 1979
Crisis Holocaust Holocaust/U.K. 12'' Action Group Records/Ardkor Records 1979
1919 Giant Earth Song 12'' Abstract Sounds 1984
Ban Ela Danca Alva Luz alma dorida mLP EMI 1984
Vex It's no crime Sanctuary 12'' Fight Back Records 1984
Dau al Set I love you V.A. Ephemere vol.2 12'' Radio FMR 1985
Cold War The Machinist The Machinist 7'' Namedrop Records 1983
Joy of Life Standing Enjoy New European Recordings 1985

You just need to click on Podcast and select 11 June 2008; otherwise you can directly synchronize your Ipod with the Podcast sistem directly.

If you are lazy, use this direct link to the download of the radio transmission

Download from Radio Stranger (11.06.08)

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