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Whirlywirld - The Complete Studio Works (CD 2002)

Legend has it that late-70s Melbourne saw a music scene that was divided between that based south of The River, centred on the The Birthday Party, and that based north of The River. Even the northern scene had its own artistic schism between an emotion-destitute electronic music as encouraged by Philip Brophy and a rampant, chaotic musical blend of electronic and punk that became known as the Little Band scene. Whirlywirld were part of the north-of-The-River scene and part of the Little Band scene. This is the world the movie Dogs In Space attempted to capture. Indeed, Ollie Olsen, who fronted Whirlywirld, was the musical producer for this movie. The band was a pioneer of synthesiser punk, coming across with something of the experimentation of Suicide, Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, and also with the more song-oriented sound of Joy Division. The Primitive Calculators was also a key band in this scene. Drummer John Murphy (Slub, Dumb and the Ugly, The Associates, Shriekback, Spk and many more) was a key member. Andrew Duffield who later joined Models was also a member.

Tracks 1-3 recorded 28/10/78 and remixed 17/3/79
Originally released 1979 as EP MLS-3
Tracks 4-9 recorded at York St Studios Nov/Dec 1979
released as MLEP-4 12" EP and bonus 45rpm 1980

1 Window To The World (3:42)
2 Moto (3:47)
3 Signals (7:30)
4 Eyebrows Still Shaved (3:45)
5 Sextronics (4:29)
6 Big Gun Action (5:22)
7 Boys Of The Badlands (4:15)
8 Red River (4:13)
9 Win/Lose (5:45)

Missing Link 10

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Anonimo ha detto...

What is this? You put it on and enter a universe of its own! Crazy, ingenious stuff. Partly not that easy at first listen. Things that come to my mind are MX-80 Sound, a little bit of Frank Zappa, the uniqueness of Tuxedomoon's debut album. Big words, I know, but not too big, believe me. Makes me want to listen to every bit they ever did! Is there more?

Anonimo ha detto...

Replying to my question: No, as you offer the complete studio works. A pity. Thank you so much for sharing!

Clownfish ha detto...

G'day ... the link seems to be down. I'd love to hear this, as I got involved in the Melbourne music scene a few years after this, but I remember all those musicians still being around in other bands.

If you're interested in obscure Australian stuff from the 80s, I'm sure I could help out, too. :)