domenica 14 dicembre 2008

18:e Oktober - Likström (K7 1985)

Great minimal synth act from Sweden, here with their classical tape from 1985.

A1 Mobbad Uggla (0:30)
A2 En Sammanfattning (1:45)
Written-By - Johan.P*
A3 Lhasa (4:25)
A4 En Gömd Tid (5:10)
Written-By - Kladdockorna
A5 Kinesisk Dimma (4:25)
A6 Mörker & Kyla (6:05)
A7 Isländskt Vatten (4:15)
A8 Likström (2:50)
A9 Dam-Rakning (1:10)
Written By - Frank.T
B1 Gasljus (2:25)
B2 Information Om Det Nya Urvalssystemet (3:20)
B3 Kricket I Luren (2:25)
B4 Tidsbegränsningar (5:25)
B5 Jan (4:40)
B6 -18°C (2:25)
B7 Svarta Klot (2:30)
Written By - Billy.P
B8 18:e Oktober (6:05)

Neuköln Records NK 003

18e oktober - likstrom (1985)

4 commenti:

Salaried Man Club ha detto...

Huge. Thanks for this rare, splendid minimal electro gem.

An LP of rarities is available from Fusetron...

Rare, Cold, Minimally groovy. As expected.

Admin ha detto...

yes i have it i can rip it too

Anonimo ha detto...

The download seems to be incomplete ... only 8 tracks?

Einsleider ha detto...

Hello. Thanks for music. But, on this albums i find only 8 tracks(.. Why?