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Cold Phoenix - Your Eyes Are My Eyes CD Repress PRE ORDER

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Mannequin Mailorder is happy to announce the repress of Cold Phoenix, we are the only and official distibutors/sellers for this great re-release.

The CD will be ready for the end of January, we are starting from now a pre-order for our customers, as we are sure that it will be sold out very fast, usually the original 12'' is finishing for crazy prices on Ebay (250-300 dollars).

The CD reissue comes in a stunning 6 panel digipak with full lyrics
and unpublished pictures of the band, embellished by 2 fantastic bonus
tracks, 'Stop Just A Moment' and 'The Greatness Of Love', in 500 limited copies.

Cd Price: 12,50 eu + shipping

Pre orders at:

Cold Phoenix were an italian dark wave / post punk group from Bologna, formed in 1985 by Vittorio Barion (bass), Alessandro Paltretti (guitar,vocals), Alessandro Ruggeri (drums) and Alberto Verri (keyboards). Their story is simply the story of 4 young guys, with a great passion for our beloved dark tunes, in fact all the tracks were composed ad the age of 19..just two years later, after the release of their only 12'' EP 'Your Eyes Are My Eyes', few live acts and even video appareances on Rai Television, all was finished.

It's interesting to analyze this specific period in Italy, in fact they were one of the typical Dark Wave band helped by synths and drum machines emerging from the Mid 80's in Italy, like Neon, Monuments, Lisfrank and Carmody, just to name a few. If 'Sensation' could be a classic track of every italian wave compilation, instead 'La Fleur Du Destin' could sound to you very close to Guerre Froide and other french cold wavers; 'Stonehenge' and 'Binding Me To a Dream' complete the 12'' with their obscure and melanchonic sound.

3.La Fleur Du Destin
4.Binding Me To Dream
5.Stop Just A Moment
6.The Greatness Of Love

Thank you!

Mannequin Mailorder

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