martedì 10 novembre 2009

After an exhausting work of "archeological" research, Mannequin is proud to announce the nextcoming release of the compilation Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 (2009 LP, MNQ 005).

Limited edition of 500 copies, it includes 2 inserts, LP cover on hand-made serigraphy.

Mastering by Ton Willekes (Ensemble Pittoresque), introduction by Fred Ventura.

Towards the end of the 70s, we felt isolated and - on an unconscious level - a bit like heroes, swathed in our grey raincoats adorned with badges, pleasurably giving in to the constant bombardment of new sounds sculpted on vinyl. Heroes torn between the already-weakening punk gauntlet thrown down a few years before by The Stranglers' "No More Heroes" or the hedonistic decadence of "Heroes" from David Bowie's Berlin period. Isolated and rather unique in the communicative desert of an Italian underground scene that had no hope of emerging. They were leaden years in which the traditional record industry was completely disinterested in what was happening in basements, little clubs and on the independent scene, which subsequently made the mistake of taking a too-parochial route, not yet being capable of making the initial moves. Now, more than thirty years after the first, timid experiments by a multitude of people who were paying close attention to what was happening in Europe and the United States, dozens of tracks are finally seeing the light of day again. Tracks laid down here and there by people who were a minority, but decidedly "noisy" nonetheless, which sent out sonic signals that are still magically comprehensible today.
"Danza Meccanica" is the latest, unmissable chapter in the story of Italian post punk - the less traditionally rock branch. It outlines the approach taken by ten more or less unknown groups who, apart from the seminal Monuments, all deserve rediscovery and to be remembered alongside luckier outfits. Ten tracks that spell out the manifesto of a scene fascinated by electronic innovation, a scene that used the sounds coming out of English labels like Factory, 4AD and Mute as a reference point. The grey atmospheres and raincoats of a still-divided Berlin, and those of Manchester, which along with Sheffield produced sounds destined to inspire future generations of musicians and producers.

(Fred Ventura, October 2009)

Audio samples

A1 XNO - The Story of The Death Boy

A2 VENA - A Mortal Song In a Beautiful Sunday

A3 VICTROLA - The Mutant Glow

A4 TOMMY DE CHIRICO - Flower Into The Factory

A5 CARMODY - Vulcani

B1 JANITOR OF LUNACY - On The Dancefloor

B2 MONUMENTS - Veiled Lady



B5 LISFRANK - Identity (Deep Version)

Limited edition of 500 copies, it includes 2 inserts, LP cover on hand-made serigraphy for the first 50 copies.

Orders: orders@​​​mannequinmailor​der.​​​com

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I am SO excited to get this.

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Hi. I uploaded again the single russians in the space from Camera 3.
If you want to repost this single and use this link, do it! Thank you for let me to discover this precious music

Big hug from Colombia!!!!

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da acquistare!

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