lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

Aloa - Aloa LP 1982

ALOA’s only LP is in no doubt one of the most incredible and rare German underground minimal electronics/NDW ever! ALOA were A. Kanz and M. Brendel from Kassel, Germany, recording this brilliant album in 1982 with a minimal set of equipment (Sequential Circuits Prophet V, Roland TR-606 and various percussive elements). “Weisser Wal”, “Traumfrau”, “Deutsche Begegnung” and “Fremdes Haus” are essential hits and definitely not to be missed. Anyway, ALOA had a very own yet versatile sound and great lyrics, too. Maybe comparable to some extent to VIDEOCLIPS, 1. FUTUROLOGISCHER CONGRESS, TRICK 17, and D.A.F.

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A1 Weisser Wal 3:14
A2 Seltsame Ranken 3:43
A3 Traumfrau 3:00
A4 Himbeereis 4:31
A5 Deutsche Begegnung 4:40
B1 Banane Zitrone 3:55
B2 Mädchen Von Gegenüber 2:44
B3 Du Machst Es Mir Schwer 2:34
B4 Lebendig Und Vital 2:25
B5 Fremdes Haus 3:16
B6 Flamingos 4:05
B7 Hostessendienst 3:44
B8 Gequatsche 3:06

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I've been fond of this one since first hearing a year or so ago. Thnx :)