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2+2=5 - Into The Future LP 1984

In 1982 Giacomo Spazio founded the band called 2+2=5, togheter with Nino La Loggia and Cha Cha Hagiwara, with whom recorded 3 records and appeared in several compilations (Grausame Vorstellung - Pianeti Di Lana, F/Ear This!, ad many more).
In 1983 he established with Ermanno Gomma Guarnieri the UT distribution. This was the first italian company that distributed counter-culture punk material (tapes, records and fanzines).
In 1986 with several friend Gomma, Kikko and Valvola, he is among the founders of the first italian no copyright & electronic counter-culture magazine called Decoder.
In 1987 he founded the independet music magazine Vinile and the related independent label Vox Pop that later became one of the most famous and important indie-rock italian label.
In 1997 he goes back to his full time job: being an artist.

Here posted their first mini LP, a nowdays classical into the minimal synth music.

A1 Without Words (Intro) 2:30
A2 Alternative Two2 4:15
A3 K. S. And V. 3:36
A4 Meeting Mc. L. 3:04
B1 Slow 4 4:02
B2 Jacho's Story 5:07
B3 It's A Good Day Today 4:15
B4 Last Sunset 5:15

No-Name Music NN 8312


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I don't think Giacomo Spazio was part of Decoder.
Marco Philopat, Paoletta, Gomma, Raf Valvola and Marina erano il primo nucleo della Shake Edizioni che pubblicava Decoder.

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