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Coil - Live Three CD 2003

I saw Coil live 3 times and this was the first. Probably one of their best live performance ever.

The live was recorded on April 6, 2002 at Teatro delle Celebrazioni in Bologna, Italy. Track listing on the cover is missing track 6, "Paranoid Inlay".

"This documents a Spring 2002 show performed in Bologna. It was an interesting period for Coil performances, as Thighpaulsandra temporarily left the line-up to tour with Spiritualized. To make up for his noticeable absence, Peter and John enlisted Mike York and Cliff Stapleton to fill in with hurdy-gurdy and Breton pipes. This new, exotic instrumentation adds an unstable, organic element to the performance that works well with the setlist chosen for these shows. The disc opens with the ritualized workout of "Anarcadia: All Horned Animals." If you've heard The Remote Viewer EP, these ethnic-inflected drones will sound very familiar, not entirely dissimilar from Taj Mahal Travellers or The Magic Carpathians at their most psychedelic. "Amethyst Deceivers" is here again, one of four slightly variant versions available in the box set. The classic track "Slur" from Horse Rotorvator is given a faithful rendition, but Balance's voice is not quite equal to the job of singing this one, and Marc Almond's backing vocals are sorely missed. Balance dedicates "A Cold Cell" to all the prisoners of the world, as well as those "in prisons of their own making." It's always been a haunting song, and the live version enhances its lonely, melancholic atmosphere. Track six is an accomplished recreation of "Paranoid Inlay" from Musick To Play in the Dark 2, even though the tracklisting on the back of the digipack omits it completely. "Sick Mirrors (Version)" is a meditation on the concept of remote viewing utilizing dense Middle Eastern melodies. The song seamlessly segues into a frighteningly intense version of "A.Y.O.R.," the second of three songs in this set that may have been destined for Coil's long-promised-but-never-delivered Nothing Records album, now referred to as The World Ended a Long Time Ago. "Backwards" ends the set, a joyous psychosexual EBM bacchanalia, with Balance uttering some of his most transgressive lyrics: "Fuck me in reverse/Normal is perverse/Everything's backwards." This disc would be perfect were it not for a rather nagging problem with the mixing, which seems to favor Balance's vocals and pushes much of the music into a muddy, nebulous background. Even with the technical difficulties, Live Three is an essential chronicle of one of Coil's most inspired shows." 

Jonathan Dean, Brainwashed

1 Anarcadia: All Horned Animals (6:54)
2 Amethyst Deceivers (7:46)
3 Slur (5:48)
4 A Cold Cell (6:25)
5 Broccoli (9:15)
6 Paranoid Inlay (8:08)
7 Sick Mirrors (Version) (8:49)
8 A.Y.O.R. (6:46)
9 Backwards (15:22)

Threshold House LOCI CD20


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ido ha detto...

Thank you very much for this. I enjoy COIL a lot. Its awesome that you got to go to this show, must have been amazing.

bruno ha detto...

thanks to your blog, i discovered this great band, amazing the stuff we can discover thanks to blogger....