martedì 14 luglio 2009

Marbre Noir - Salvation Rites 12'' 1986

Marbre Noir is the name of an Italian Gothic rock band who came out with a 4- track album in 1986 titled “Salvation Rites", its a classic of the italian dark wave / gothic scene, embellished by the ethereal voice of Francesca Luce.

Recorded at Gulliver Master Studios, Rome, September 1986. It includes a insert.

A1 Earth Under Feet (4:13)
A2 Love Broke Through (3:47)
B1 Salvation Rites (6:25)
B2 Mirrors (3:53)

Mantra Records DM 86001


3 commenti:

ido ha detto...

Know very little about Italian gothic bands. Looking forward to checking this out.

Vlanik Ro ha detto...

Excellent band.
Thank you!

Vlanik Ro ha detto...

Excellent band!
Thank you.