domenica 12 luglio 2009

Minox - Lazare LP 1986

Minox debut album from 1986 is atmosphere and refinement, melody and instinct, produced by Steven Brown from Tuxedomoon and was released to great critical and public acclaim throughout Europe. This edition includes "Suite Maniacal" taken from the 7". Concerned with melody, synth textures, moody cinematic and theatrical ambience (Minox also composed for the theater), and an avant-garde tendency to mix genres, Minox is difficult to categorize. 'Lazare' includes both solo piano pieces ("Theme for Two") and complex compositions ("Suite Maniacal"), and should appeal to fans of `80s synth bands as well as those of minimal yet artfully balanced soundscapes.

A1 Purgatoryo
A2 Preludio
A3 Hybrid (Of A Light Laugh)
B1 Lazare
B2 Psiche

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