lunedì 8 marzo 2010

El Ultimo Sueno - El Túnel Del Tiempo 7'' 1982

Here's the first single of El Ultimo Sueno, on Grabaciones Accidentales. We can appreciate their influences of bands like Josef K and Orange Juice and Teardrop Explodes just to name a few.

Here you can find an interview (spanish language)

A1. Perdido en el túnel del tiempo
A2. No debiste asustarme
B1. El reloj se ha parado

Grabaciones Accidentales


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Canterell ha detto...

Oh! great pos!
I've scanned this and ripped about eight months ago, you could seen it here:

This single sounds like Decima Victima in some details (one of the most famous darkwave spanish bands of eighties).. well, hope to see you on my blog my friend!! ;)

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