sabato 6 novembre 2010

Afterimage - The Long Walk 7'' 1981

Started like most bands, by a bunch of idealistic if somewhat wary musical adventurers, Afterimage came out with a roar on the burgeoning Los Angeles music scene in 1980. Guitarist A Produce answered a local ad from Rich Evac (bass) and Holland de Nuzzio (drums) and found a dynamic rhythm section. When he brought vocalist and saxophonist Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension) the chemistry was right and a sound was forged. Afterimage used its "thunderous rhythm, threatening bass, wailing bursts of sax and haunted vocals” to create powerful brain and body music that tore through the Los Angeles music scene.

Afterimage was one of the first of L.A.'s psychedelic/art/mystery bands to be committed to vinyl. Their threatening bass, wailing bursts of sax and haunted vocals pick up on the brief flurry of experimantal ominousness of English groups like Wire, Joy Division and Magazine.

Here ripped their first seven inch single.


A The Long Walk
B Strange Confession

Contagion Records CON 001


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