lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Art Boulevard S/T Demo Tape 1986

Art Boulevard, born in 1985 in Bergamo (northern Italy), immediately stood out from the pack for their aesthetic and existential attraction to post-punk combined with a musical vision that was straight out of the late sixties: “rock as art” and not merely as an urgent expression of adolescent rebellion.

Here's their self-titled demo tape from 1986.

Music & Lyrics by Art Boulevard
Production A.B. and Kiccobeni
Recorded at Suono Vivo studio (Bergamo, IT)

Enrico Colombo - voice + guitars
Roberto Mazzola - keyboards
Marco Azzerboni - bass
Alfredo Cucchi - drums


A1 Destroyed
A2 Return Journey

B1 Dawn Is Death
B2 Take The Gun


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wow ma sei riuscito a rimasterizzare la tape proprio come sulla raccolta a stoy backwards...bravo