sabato 6 novembre 2010

Danse Macabre - Angel 7'' 1983

Danse Macabre were a dark wave band from Liverpool/UK

Peter Carroll (vocals) (also at same time in Visual Aids and Dark Continent)
Paul McNeil (guitar)
Karl Anthony (bass) (later Cair Paravel)
Pete Chegwin (keyboards) (ex Ex Post Facto, Oceanic Explorers, Innervision)
Graham Gallant (drums) (left 1983 to Straight Cuts) replaced by Perry Leach (later Dream Theatre).

Not to be confused with Belgian band with same name.

Changed name to Innervision.

A Angel
B Oh No Not!

Hexagon Records TREK 101


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frankie teardrop ha detto...

this one rules! just got this rather cheaply here in NY- good choice!