sabato 30 giugno 2007

Berlitz Drama - Fruehling/Herrmann 7" 1982

Synth-experimental stuff on Torso label (Netherlands)

Cool and obscure band from Netherlands on Torso, home of Mecano and Flue. The A-side was included also in the New Wave Complex compilation vol 13.

A1 - Fruehling
B1 - Herrmann



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Hey! Great blog with lots of obscure music! Congrats! However, there's a password for this one?

Unknown ha detto...

fajowy blog !!!

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David McDevitt ha detto...

fruhling is not fire in my heart but it may be better than that:
Berlitz Drama - fruhling

This sweet bird song~ is the peak of the wider transylvanian soundwave movement of the 2nd half of the 20th century. And exists as a prime motivationer and influencer of the post-contemporary pro-synthesizers. Music is such fresh air, fresh cool air at that, with crisp ground underneath your feet. Dirt crackling in the cold. But unexpected cold. In face everything is unexpected. You never know what will happen.

And oh I feel the heart of this man who sings in this inperceptable language. His soul speaks to me & his sounds speak to me. And my heart is moved in the deeply personal cinematic sense

I can see the cloudless cold sky & the solid sun.

Anonimo ha detto...

any chance of re-upping this and the now dead massmirror links?