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Taste of Decay - Calling EP 7'' 1986

Great post punk band, based in Harrislee (Germany)

This band existed from June 1984 until August 1986. One can describe the music as Gothic, they called it at that time "Cave trash". There were few live appearances in Flensburg and Kiel.
They published 2 Tapes, but the most important publication was however „the Calling EP ", a self-produced EP with 5 tracks. Printed in 512 copies, from which, on the way to West Berlin, were lost 50. The photo on the cover was a photograph of Claus Korn from Treuchtlingen, the Innencover was arranged from Kim Schmidt.

Pictureside (A)

1. Calling
2. You Are Gone
3. Factory

Letterside (B)

1. This Station
2. Somewhere

Rip Records 001

Simon Pörksen (bass)
Lenni Thomsen (drums)
Felix Schultz (all guitars) (died to 23.12.95)
Michael Scholz (voices and the "eisen" on factory)

Recorded at Proton-Studios 1986

Photo from a live appearence, Flensburg December 1985
at "Deutschen Haus"


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a pitch black kraut sabbath ha detto...


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iam totally amazed! thanks alot for posting such great music!!

Anonimo ha detto...

I´m (i was) the drummer of TASTE OF DECAY. I would like to say thank you very much!

Love 2 U


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Hey! Great to hear news from you!
Did you thinked to reprint the 7'' nowdays? btw if you want, contact me at

thanks a lot for your music!!!

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Hey, would you be able to upload this ep again? The link doesn't work anymore and I'm dying to hear this band!

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check the link .
brilliant blog
thank u