sabato 30 giugno 2007

Bpeople - You At Eight 7" 1981

Seminal art-punk band from Los Angeles (USA)

Bpeople rocked the scene in L.A.,they released a few records and faded into oblivian, but they count a lot of famous alumni out of the band (Tom Recchion along with Fred Nilsen, also co-founders of the LAFMS, and members of various other great bands and solo artists in and of themselves; Pat Delaney, of the late great Deadbeats; Paul B. Cutler, the name should speak for itself, but a seminal figure and member of such bands as Consumers, 45 Grave, Vox Pop, and Dream Syndicate, as well as a producer of a billion cool bands; and of course Alex Gibson, later of Passionel, and now a popular film score composer.) They played live with bands such as Suicide, Factrix, Non, Human Hands, Fall, Wall of Voodoo, Urinals, Our Daughters Wedding, Blackouts.

1 You At Eight
2 Weather To Worry
3 M.P.C.D.

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Any chance you could reup this?
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