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Modern Eon - Euthenics/Waiting For the Cavalry 7" 1980 (Inev 003)

Rediscovered dark wave group from Liverpool (Uk)

Modern Eon were from Liverpool in the North West of England. They were a part of the "New Liverpool Scene" that sprang up in 1979-1980 around 'Eric's Club'. Others belonging to the "New Liverpool Scene" included Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, Dead or Alive, Pink Military and more.
The bands beginnings are a bit unclear. Alix (real name Alex Johnson), the band's founding member, had moved off to Canada and when he eventually returned, he found England in the middle of the Punk phenomena. Alix and Danny Hampson started out in a band called Luglo Slugs. "Ugh!" --John Peel on the topic of Luglo Slugs. Over the next few months they changed their name, first to Tank Time, then to One Two and shortly thereafter, Modern Eon was born. Their first vinyl release was on a compilation called Steet to Street: A Liverpool Album with the song 'Benched Down/ 70s Sixties in November 1978. Then, after one self released single, 'Pieces' on Eon Records in 1979, they recorded the single 'Euthenics' for Inevitable Records in 1980. In Early 1981 a re-recorded version of 'Euthenics' was released on DinDisc followed by two more singles and, to much critical acclaim, their debut album 'Fiction Tales' in June 1981.
The songs are fueled by powerful tom-tom driven, inventive drumming. Their music defies the routine by occasionally adding odd analog electronics and saxophone. The vocals are bathed in reverb and delivered with smooth eloquence, barely intelligible.Definite influences from Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen can be heard. Their music is moody, melodic and always leaves a certain mysterious impression.


A1 Euthenics
B1 Waiting for the Cavalry

Inevitable Records 003


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