martedì 3 luglio 2007

Abwärts - Computerstat 7" 1980

Legendary new deutsch wellers from Hamburg (Germany)

The band started in 1979 with Frank Ziegert alias Frank Z. (voice,guitar), Gita Haberland, Fm Einheit (later with EN, Mona Mur and Palais Schaumburg) and Axel Dill. In the middle of 1980 was added Mark Chung as a firm member. Abwärts first appearance took place in 29.12.79 on the “Geräusche für die 80er” festival in the Markethall in Hamburg. Shortly thereafter, 1980, appeared the first 7 inch EP “Computerstat”, which stayed nearly one year on place 1 in the German (sound) Independent Charts. Always in 1980 was released their first album “Amok Koma”, followed in 1981 by another 7 inch, "Roboter In Der Nacht", all this stuff on the legendary Zick Zack label, home of Die Radierer, Andy Giorbino, Andreas Dorau, Kosmonautentraum, X Mal Deutschland and obviously Einstürzende Neubauten.

A1 Computerstaat
A2 Japan
B1 Moon Of Alabama
B2 Wir Warten
B3 Nach Haus

Zick Zack ZZ2


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Spring Day ha detto...

Grazie por Abwärts! I've just posted some more recent work of FM Einheit on my blog, so it is good to have the opportunity to listen to his roots once again.

Knife in the Toaster ha detto...

Thanks so much for posting this! Great single, indeed ...