venerdì 6 luglio 2007

The Factory - Hold Out 7" 1986

One of the best dark wave single from London (Uk)

This is the seven inch version of the legendary twelve 'Hold Out' from the english group The Factory. No presentation needed, just download.


A1 Hold Out
B1 Burn Me Up

Strike Back Records SBR10

Dedicated in loving memory of Paolo.


4 commenti:

Unknown ha detto...

I love this song, thanks for this.

Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso ha detto...

Hey Peter M. ... glad to see you are here. How is it going with the BR cover? I'll catch you at Linux sometimes! Keep up!

Marco Gélido ha detto...

Is it the only one disc of this band?
It's fascinating

Greetings from Lima-Perú

James ha detto...

For some reason you can't download this album anymore. if you post this you should take this out.
Please do not say that you have it.